Platte Canyon High School seniors let their hats fly upon hearing the official announcement that they had all met necessary requirements to receive their diplomas. (Photo by Kelly Kirkpatrick/The Flume)

The 2020 Platte Canyon High School graduation ceremony was delayed by about a month due to the coronavirus pandemic. It was also modified somewhat for purposes of social distancing,

Nevertheless, PCHS seniors deservedly got their day in the sun and took part in an otherwise traditional graduation ceremony June 27 at the district’s track/football facility.

Under cloudless skies, speaking to an attentive audience comprised of family, friends, teachers and administrators, several graduating seniors delivered stirring, thoughtful and motivational words from a podium placed near mid-field.

Senior Class President Jackson Seidler and 2020 Valdictorian Heidi Sussenbach were among the graduates who expressed gratitude to teachers and administrators, offered a few words of wisdom and recalled fond recollections of their individual journeys at PCHS.

Selected via a student vote to deliver the Keynote Address was  longtime PCHS English teacher, Dean Carlstrom. Carlstrom, who also serves as the voice of the Huskies and play-by-play announcer at football and basketball games, delivered yet again over the audio system.

“Read, learn, discover and pursue your passion, even if you don’t know exactly what your passion is yet,”  Carlstrom said. “Pursue excellence. Good is the enemy of great. But don’t stop at great. Shoot for excellence. Challenge yourself. If something doesn’t challenge you, then it doesn’t change you, Always step forward, because those who don’t are destined to stay in the same place.

Carlstrom continued with regards to integrity and self-improvement.

“Everyone has something to teach you. Who we choose to interact with is what makes the world go around. And you get to choose who those people will be. Act with integrity. Be proud of who you are, and try to do the right things. It isn’t that hard. If you don’t like who you see in the mirror, then change what ever it is you don’t like. You always have the choice, and the chance, to reinvent youself.”

Following a brief word from Platte Canyon School District Superintendent, Mike Schmidt, PCSD School Board President Katie Spodyak announced to the students that they had fulfilled necessary requirements for graduation, and that they were allowed to move their tassels from left to right.

Having done that, seniors let their hats fly high into a stiff, westerly wind to signify the end of an unusual but fruitful 2020 school year at PCHS.

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