The February Guffey Community Charter School’s board of directors meeting starts the process for the upcoming board elections in April. At least one seat will be up for election, that of Cathleen Van Egmond, for a two year term.

The first “Notice of Elections” will be posted Feb. 20, according to Frank Ruvo, board president, and the second posting will be March 22, with the election set for April 21, if needed.

Anyone interested in running for the board needs to check the school website,, or call the school.

Typically, the eighth grade graduation presentations have been given to the board in conjunction with a tea. This year though, with one eighth-grade graduate and COVID, the presentation will be given to the board a half hour before the next regular meeting March 10.

The board scheduled their yearly workshop for March 3. In the past, the workshop usually followed the tea and eighth-grade presentations. The board will be working on the yearly calendar, policy updates and presenting school Principal Martine Walker with her evaluation.

The school’s Budget Adoption has usually been scheduled for March or April, but Walker asked that it be moved to May. The school’s bookkeeper is a CPA and is very busy in March and April with income taxes and it is hard to meet with her, said Walker. Also, the teacher contracts have not usually been finalized by then.

The state does not need the information until June 30 and that would still give the board two meetings, May and June, to finalize the budget. The board voted unanimously to move the budget adoption to May this year. Chris Peterson, board secretary, said that a policy would still have to be changed to make it permanent. The board can do this during their workshop.

The volunteer staff continues to be the same, reported Walker. Soon, COVID-19 testing kits will be available for the school staff. It’s a 15-minute, at-home test kit. Hopefully there will be a district vaccine for staff by the end of February.

It is a pretty slow time and there is not much coming up, Walker reported. The annual Pie Palooza has been moved to May. The Corona’s at Freshwater will be hosting the outdoor Easter Egg Hunt April 1, not an April fool’s joke, this year. The school will be going by their cohorts to hunt eggs. Each class, K – 2, 3 – 5 and 6 – 8, has a golden prize egg to find, according to Walker.

The administrator monitoring reports deal with what the school needs to accomplish, through Ends and Executive Limitations policies, explained Peterson. He added that the reports continue to be good. It’s great to read them in the context of COVID, how things carry on nicely in spite of all.

This month’s report dealt with students’ personal skills and administration of school finances. The board acknowledged receipt of the administrator monitoring reports.

The board self-monitoring reports deal with how the board functions and their responsibilities through Governance and Board-Staff Relations, explained Peterson. The board acknowledged receipt of the board self-monitoring reports. All the board documents can be found on the school’s website.

The board also approved the agenda with one addition, the January regular and executive session minutes, and the consent agenda.

The board recessed at 6 p.m. for an executive session to discuss the administrator evaluation. Board members present were Van Egmond, Laura Owens, Ruvo, and Peterson, chair for this meeting.

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