Park County commissioners extended a ban on the sale, usage or possession of fireworks in Park County June 1. The ban will remain in effect from June 2 until July 5. Commissioner Dick Elsner said they were passing the ban in time for everyone to know before they purchase any fireworks.

State law gives commissioners the authority to ban fireworks with “an express finding of high fire danger based on competent evidence,” according to the county resolution. The resolution also states, “should a change in the weather occur resulting in competent evidence that the high fire danger is no longer present and no longer will be present during the period between June 2 and July 5, the board shall endeavor to promptly consider rescinding this resolution.”

According to the resolution, competent evidence includes: 1. The national fire danger rating system. 2. National predictions of future fire danger. 3. Evidence of low fuel moisture content at the local level. 4. Concurrence by forest management personnel. 5. Other competent evidence that a high to extreme fire danger exists in Park County.

The ban is for all types of fireworks, even those that are legal when a fireworks ban is not in place.

CR 8 annexation

The commissioners approved an annexation petition to the Town of Alma. The petition is to annex a portion of County Road 8. The road, also known as Buckskin Street, runs northwest from Colorado Highway 9 up Buckskin Gulch, past the historic Paris Mill, and ends at Kite Lake Campground.

Elsner said Alma’s public water supply is from the Buckskin Creek watershed and the road is adjacent to the creek. He said Alma wanted more control over the road to better protect its water supply.

The request did not include a location map, any legal description, or what portion of the approximately eight miles of CR 8 is subject to Alma’s annexation.

Old Courthouse exterior preservation

The commissioners awarded a bid to design exterior rehabilitation and maintenance schedule documents for the historic Old Courthouse building and associated jail. The two buildings are located on the town block east of Main Street between 4th and 5th Streets.

Form+Works Design Group, LLC returned a bid of $10,410. The other bid was submitted by BVH Architecture for $20,530. Both companies have decades of experience in historical preservation and both have been awarded projects by Park County.

Form-Works’ completion schedule was a month shorter than BVH’s, with a final documents presentation to the county commissioners in late August.

The work will build on a 2001 historical assessment of the courthouse, a previous preservation plan, and work previously completed, such as historical chimneys and a staircase on the outside of the building to the second floor.

Form+Works bid includes masonry, roof, drainage, windows and doors rehabilitation; site grading and drainage; public access, including options for American Disability Act requirements; and parking area re-grading and paving.

Cost estimates for the rehabilitation and maintenance will be included with the construction documents.

New budget fund

The commissioners approved a resolution establishing a new fund to track money received from the federal government during the coronovirus pandemic and how it was spent. It will be called Fund Five, American Rescue Plan. Park County received about $1.6 million and is expected to receive about the same next year.

The resolution states money can be used “to support the public health response; to address negative economic impacts; to replace public sector revenue loss; to provide premium pay for essential workers; and for water, sewer and broadband infrastructure.”

Hundo and other items

The commissioners signed hold harmless agreements to use county roads during the Bailey Hundo mountain bike races June 19 and Bailey Grundo Sept. 25.

Ambulance licenses were approved for three ambulances owned by the Southern Park County Fire Protection District.

Vouchers for $230,480 were approved. Numbers have been rounded by The Flume.

The general fund spent $162,820. Fleet and public works spent $33,695 and $27,355 respectively.

Three funds spent between $1,170 and $1,885. They were conservation trust, grant, public works and self-insurance funds.

Sales tax fund spent $665 and E-911 fund spent $30.

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