Autumn is nearly upon us, and, as seasons change, so do attitudes. One local resident hopes it’s for the positive. Burland Ranchettes resident Julie Shields partnered with Mia Logan, PhD to create Thank FORWARD - A Gratitude Action Kit. Inspired by acts of kindness on Facebook, these two dynamic ladies held focus groups on acts of gratitude. They met while attending the Coaches Training Institute in Denver. Over lunch break chats they discovered they had the same passion for inspiring positivity and thankful actions. Then they developed a passion for gratitude journaling: starting your day off on the right foot.

Shields believes that “when you are doing something good, it changes how you feel and think inside.” She also stated how much we can learn sheer joy from nature: whether it be hummingbirds chasing each other around the feeders or dogs playing in the backyard. 

A variation of this idea is expressed in the kit. Others include Gratitude for Positive Energy, Owning the Power to Make Things Happen and Gratitude for Giving Without Expectations.

Since this is a project of the heart, artist Tammy Totoro-Dick crafted the heart-centric artwork to complement the writing.

The kit came out in January, then COVID-19 hit and the book signings got cancelled. However, that did not deter these positive-thinking ladies.

This self-proclaimed numbers nerd turned creative in order to make a better life for others. Shields also emphasized that “Gratitude is not only for others, but take time to do something for yourself.” However, Julie’s and Mia’s biggest focus is to encourage acts of gratitude of any size, or any way. Lessons we could all use during these trying times.

This action-oriented kit includes a book of 21 suggestions on expressing gratitude. Each one is accompanied by an action card to pay it forward. They are available through their website at or on Amazon.

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