The Town of Fairplay was abuzz with wine, chocolate, goats, stained glass activity, Easter egg cookie decoration, children with Easter baskets and much more during Easter weekend.

For most of the day Saturday and Sunday, businesses provided Easter-themed activities for children and adults of all ages.

KB’s Kakery and Dorothy’s Tamales gave out golden chocolate eggs, brownies and supplied egg-shaped cookies and a table with decorating supplies for visitors. The Continental Divide Winery was open for regular business and also gave out sparkly chocolate and a pairing of port wine for visitors.

Moving onto Main Street, The Woolly Moth sponsored a stained glass coloring activity. Fairplay Depot owner Teri Moore was giving out Easter candy and tours of the historic depot, which now serves as a co-working space and musical instrument building and repair shop. In addition, almost all the businesses in town were giving out chocolate and other surprises.

DogWorks! had an Easter Egg Hunt for dogs. Yes, that is correct. The dogs, some of whom came in bunny disguises, hunted for hard-boiled eggs. This competition had strict rules. For example, only dogs could find the eggs and there was a three-minute time limit. The dog with the most eggs and the fastest time won.

In addition to dogs in town, a walk down Front Street provided visitors with a chance to pet kid goats and a Scottish Highland calf named “Corn Beef.”

“C.B. is what I call Corn Beef, and he got this name because he was born on St. Patrick’s Day,” said Lynn McChesney, chief assistant and animal caretaker and entertainer at Mountain Essentials.

In addition to handling C.B., McChesney showed three goats that were available for petting and holding. This was a popular activity for children and adults.

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