LGFPD Firefighters

Left to right: Kirk Weaver; Tristen Weaver, Junior Firefighter; and Allen Kerby. (Photo courtesy of Lake George Fire Protection District)

Lake George Fire Protection District joined Four Mile Fire and Florissant Fire Protection Districts at the Four Mile Fire Station for a joint training session presented by the Colorado Division of Fire Protection and Control (DFPC). The trainers were Colorado State Trainer John Cole and Four-Mile Fire Chief Jay Teague, a Federally Certified Master Level 3 Fire Instructor.

 The two-day training included a Mobile Live Fire Simulator Training Unit (MLFTU). The goal of the program is to provide departments without good access to live fire training facilities an opportunity to train with live fire in a safe and controlled environment. In order to maximize the use of the MLFTU, DFPC encourages departments to work with their surrounding agencies and mutual aid partners to develop regional training opportunities.

 The MLFTU was designed to resemble a two-story house with a variety of rooms to simulate what fire fighters would encounter in a fire situation. According to Chief Teague, he wanted to bring this to the area as most departments are unable to have necessary training tools. He invited the other departments to be a part of this unique and valuable experience.

 It was noted that all Live Fire Training Sessions using MLFTU will meet or exceed all of the NFPA National Fire Protection Association requirements for safety. Facial hair that lies along the sealing area of the respirator, such as beards, sideburns, moustaches, or even a few days of growth of stubble may interfere with the respirator seal of tight-fitting respirators and therefore is not permitted if participating in training that requires a SCBA (Self-contained Breathing Apparatus).

Monday night, only Four Mile Fire personnel participated with approximately fourteen attendees. On Tuesday night, Lake George, Florissant, and Four Mile participated with approximately forty-five in attendance. Those representing Lake George were Chief Susan Bernstetter and firefighters George Argeropoulos, Thomas Hopkins, Allen Kerby, John Mogon, Kirk Weaver and junior firefighter Tristan Weaver.

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