Nice fence!

The Hartsel Community Library, left, installed new fence which extends to the Hartsel Community Center, right. Additional updates were also made. ( Photo by Lori Bennett/The Flume)

The Hartsel Community Library and the Hartsel Community Center were fenced in recently with a brand new white fence. And this is just one of the improvements, thanks to grant money applied for and awarded from the Colorado Trust Fund.

In addition to the replacement of the old fence that stood its ground through more than 20 winters, the CTF grant money enabled the Hartsel Community Library to add a new secure and weather-resistant sewer line. 

“Cal’s Excavation won the bid to repair the sewer line connection to the septic,” said Susan Borgardt, long-time Hartsel library jack of all trades, volunteer and holder of multiple offices through the years, said. “Once the excavation began, they discovered the situation was much worse and more complicated than originally estimated. But Cal’s Excavation incurred the extra labor and expense as a gift to the library. Not only that, Cal made an additional donation to the library and brought his whole family in to buy books from the sale room.”

Ten library volunteers helped install the new fence, but this is not a surprise to Borgardt who explained that the library runs entirely by volunteers and has 800 volunteer hours logged already this year.

Library volunteers also helped insulate the sewer pipes, pruned the trees in the yard and re-stained the ADA-compliant ramp.

The CTF receives money from the lottery and then distribution is made to Colorado counties. Park County has an excellent track record of supporting small towns with this money.

The library is now open, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays from 1 - 4 p.m. And ask about the monthly book club. There are great books, computers to use, and even more DVDs to check out.

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