(Left to right) DeAnn Brogan and Phil Brogan are the owners of Timberline Properties Home Watch, which was named Business of the Month by the South Park Chamber of Commerce. (Photo courtesy of Phil Brogan/The Flume)

The South Park Chamber of Commerce announced their Business of the Month for November. This month’s winner is Timberline Properties Home Watch. Timberline is owned by Phil and DeAnn Brogan.

The company is a full service property company that helps homeowners with inspecting and taking care of their second homes in the Fairplay area.

The company uses GPS signatures to show homeowners that an inspector is at their property and then send them a detailed report for the homeowner to review.

Before owning Timberline, the Brogans had a lawn and landscape business in Nebraska for over 27 years. They are the only professional full time licensed, insured, bonded and accredited home watch company in Colorado.

The company is accredited through the National Home Watch Association. “Timberline Properties Home Watch has earned accredited member status from the National Home Watch Association for the fourth consecutive year,” said Faith Luber with NHWA.

“We are accredited by the National Home Watch Association for four consecutive years,” Phil Brogan said.

“We provide peace of mind to our clients by doing a visual inspection of their property, looking for obvious issues while they are away. Timberline Properties provides services to second homeowners and short term rental owners.

“Our service area is mainly northern Park County including Placer Valley, Alma, Valley of the Sun, Beaver Ridge, Fairplay, Foxtail Pines, Silverheels and Warm Springs.

“We check all of the homes major systems, verifying everything is performing as expected. We can attach pictures to the report to document any issues that may be found.

“Some issues we have found include leaking boiler, furnaces not running, frozen and broken pipes, doors and windows left unlocked or opened, rodent intrusion, power outages, weather damage and fallen trees. We can’t eliminate these issues, but we can keep damage from becoming a disaster with frequent home visits.”

“In the event of damage, we can be the owner’s contractor liaison, to get the issue corrected before the owners return to enjoy their property,” Brogan added.

In addition to the inspection part of the business, Timberline can also help with short-term rental assistance, guest check in/check out, snow removal, 24 hour alarm response, receiving packages, general maintenance and other homeowners requests.

The Brogan’s saw a real need in the Fairplay area for this service because so many of the homes are second homes for people living in the city.

You can reach Timberline Properties Home Watch at 719-839-1213 or email phil@homewatchinfo.com.

The company’s website is www.homewatchinfo.com or visit Facebook at www.facebook.com/TimberlinePropertiesHomeWatch/.

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