Lawrence Epps

The newest addition to the Guffey Community Charter School Board of Directors. (Photo by Flip Boettcher/The Flume)

Lawrence Epps is the newest board member in the five-member Guffey Community Charter School’s board of directors. The school posted the second notice of the school board elections, and with no one else running, there was no need for an election and Epps was welcomed to the board at the meeting.

The directors are elected for two-year terms, with three seats up for election one year and the other two seats the next year.

The three seats up for election this year were Dean Wilson’s, who was re-running; Chris Peterson’s, who was re-running; and that of Cathleen Van Egmond, who is retiring from the board after eight years of service. Epps will be taking Van Egmond’s seat.

The administrator monitoring reports had lots of “good stuff,” according to Peterson, “and the student’s attitude is good.”

“The kids go to a good school,” stated Frank Ruvo, and Wilson said they seem to be “learning lots of good things.”

According to School Principal Martine Walker, the Easter egg hunt went well. The event was organized by Jodi Corona and Nancy Comstock and hosted by Corona’s at Freshwater.

Long-time Guffey resident Bill Soux and Ken Walker are teaching an elective welding class for the 6 – 8 graders at the Guffey Garage. The students seem to really like the class and they are surprisingly good at welding.

Katie Grosch, the only eighth grade graduate this year, will be giving her presentation May 12 at 11 a.m. in the school’s multi-purpose room. RSVPs will be required, as there is limited seating due to social distancing. Masks will be required.

The presentation lasts half an hour, and then a panel, composed of Walker, the middle school teacher, a community member, a board member and an eighth grade expert will talk about the presentation and write an evaluation.

June 2, the next to last day of school, the entire school is going on a field trip to the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. They will be on a two-hour guided tour with a theme of animal adaptations, said Walker.

June 3 is graduation, which will be an outdoor event, but is still in the planning stages, said Walker. There may be food, but Walker wants a day for the students to celebrate having finished school this year.

The Nighthawk Ranch, the summer camp for kids with and who are surviving cancer, north of Guffey, will be hosting two eighth graders to work at the ranch next summer, according to Walker.

The board approved the agenda, March meeting minutes and the consent agenda. The board acknowledged receipt of the administrator and board self-monitoring reports.

Board members present were Wilson, chair for this meeting, Laura Owens, Epps, Ruvo and Peterson.

The meeting recessed at 5:56 for an executive session to discuss the 2021-22 administrator contract.

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