The house is open

Thomas Neff, Remote Control airplane pilot put on an aerial show at LGCS Open House

Lake George Charter School held an Open House, Aug. 23 to a full house of parents, students, members of the board, faculty, and community members. Dr. Lee Ann Wade, Administrator welcomed the crowd and was applauded several times as she summarized what she has been doing to prepare for the coming year, her values, beliefs, and vision.

Following the introduction, all present were treated to a picnic style supper served up by the board wearing white hats and aprons adorned with red bow ties. As people went through the line and sat to eat, Robert Noxon from Colorado Springs provided background music on his saxophones.

It was estimated that there was 80-85 percent attendance and was attributed to the presence of Dr. Wade. Both students and parents alike seemed to be thrilled and anxious to see what the new school year will bring.

Dr. Wade is a strong proponent of exposing students to a variety of interests and extracurricular activities and that was very evident with several booths and activities set up for children to explore; 4-H, Girl Scouts, and archery with the Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Much to the delight of those attending the open house was special guest Thomas Neff and his three remote controlled aircrafts to give students and parents an idea of what is being planned as a summer camp where students can either build an RC plane or drone. Neff has over 45 years’ experience including teaching classes about remote control aircraft, small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (sUAS) projects in design and STEM (science, technology, engineering and math related subjects).

Dr. Wade is a member of several aviation groups, one being the Experimental Aircraft Association. One of the missions for EAA’s is to invite school age children to experience flight. At the Open House Dr. Wade was able to sign up 18 students who will be taking their first airplane ride. Flights last generally one hour where two students will fly to Canon city, for example, land and switch seats so the student can fly in the front seat.

Pilots are seasoned pilots with thousands of hours of flight time and may be retired. These pilots have a passion to take young people on their first flight and explain how airplanes operate.

The mood at the Open House was full of excitement and wonder from both the students and parents.

One student, 11-year-old Eva Achord, a sixth grader seemed to sum up the sentiments of most: “I am so excited for this school year; our new principal Dr. Wade is bringing so many awesome opportunities for us. I’m most excited for all the science projects we will be doing. I’m really excited to take my first plane ride”.

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