Despite rain and coronavirus cancellations, a small Fourth of July parade splashed its way through rain and rising water on Front Street for an Independence Day parade in Fairplay last Saturday.

The Color Guard bravely led the parade, getting wet and wetter, with no raincoats or umbrellas. They held their flags high and were followed by several vehicles that were decorated, three smiling girls on beautiful horses, and the Park County Creative Alliance arty car.

Mayor Frank Just said, “I thought it was great. My understanding was it was a very impromptu thought last night at the Cruise where the idea cropped up, circulated and was implemented today. My Grandson and I enjoyed participating in it even though it rained cats and dogs. Kudos to the Color Guard that endured the downpour and led the parade. It was a fun event.”

Spectators were not overflowing like years past, but there were shouts and cheers and people dressed in various hues of red, white and blue in front of the businesses on Front Street.

Because of the rain and less competition for candy (traditionally thrown out in Fairplay parades), a few who were on hand for gifts got generous amounts of candy and even bags of Oreo cookies.

The parade lasted approximately 5.7 minutes, with a postscript portion of a few participants who circled around the street a second time, giving a grand total of 7.9 minutes of parade activity.

This was the second special event held over the weekend, with the Friday Fairplay cruise the night before, also with an Independence Day theme.

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