Last Saturday, Feb. 20, the volunteers of the Hartsel Fire Auxiliary made lunch, fed firefighters and potential new volunteers in one of the Hartsel Fire Protection District buildings. Lunch was chicken rice soup and finger sandwiches (fingers were replaced by cold cut meats, cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise).

“When there is a fire incident, we set up an area where the firefighters can wash their face and hands, grab a snack, get some water and take a break,” said Niki Griffin, president of the HFA.

HFA volunteers also are available to provide support for firefighters when they do training, such as ice rescue events.

The auxiliary team needs people who can be drivers, fundraisers, cooks, food preppers and incident responders who bring food to the fire incident site, set up chairs and tables and serve food.

Sous chefs, as well as Chef Boyardee cooks, are welcome.

The auxiliary in the past had a board meeting every month. This year they are having the board meeting in odd-numbered months and in the even-numbered months, they will be sponsoring fun activities which will also serve as fundraisers.

Past fundraisers have included a pancake breakfast, spaghetti dinner, bingo and a rummage sale.

Funds are used to pay for supplies such as food, gas for the bus and insurance for the bus and trailer.

T-shirts, long- and short-sleeved, are also for sale in ruby fire-engine red and a dark firehose black. The cost for shirts is $20 - $25.

There are no physical or written tests to take in order to qualify to be a HFA volunteer. If a volunteer plans to serve “on incident,” they need a way to be notified.

Chief Tingle expressed his gratitude to the HFA for their ongoing support and the fantastic lunch.

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