Crow Hill Pet Hospital opens

Crow Hill Pet Hospital opens in Bailey providing a wide range of services for all kinds of pets. (Pictured left to right) Owner, Matthew McBee, Dr. Shelia RiceWatkins and veterinarian technician Paige Lawrence. Not pictured is veterinarian technician Jerracha Duff. (Photo by Bill Bruner/The Flume)

There’s a new veterinary hospital and clinic that has just recently opened in Bailey. Crow Hill Pet Hospital is owned by Conifer resident Matthew McBee. McBee has been in Colorado for over 14 years. In his younger days he was very involved in hospitals working in orthopedics and trauma and is trained as an emergency medical technician.

McBee is joined by Dr. Shelia RiceWatkins, a Bailey resident. RiceWatkins attended veterinary school at Kansas State University, graduating in 2001. RiceWatkins believes “pets are our family” and works together with owners to bring the best treatment to any animal at any stage of life.

In addition to the normal dog and cat treatment, Crow Hill Pet Hospital treats a wide variety of more exotic pets, including birds (including chickens), reptiles (including snakes), rabbits, hamsters, lizards and even rats.

Crow Hill prides itself on being able to handle any family pet. Their medical facility has all the up-to-date medical equipment that rivals anything that the pet hospitals down the hill have. They do teeth cleaning as well, with a human quality dental machine.

Crow Hill also offers several wellness plans, including general wellness which includes all necessary vaccinations, two comprehensive exams, eye and ear exams, weight evaluation, blood pressure, heartworm or FeLV/FIV tests, full blood panel and unlimited exams.

They also have a wellness plan for pain management and a dental wellness plan. In addition, because Crow Hill believes strongly in spaying or neutering your pet, they have programs that include a spay or neuter for your dog, puppy, cat or kitten.

To get to know Crow Hill Pet Hospital better, they are having an open house July 22, from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m.

There will be food and some vendors there as well. You can just show up and see the new facility. You can also talk to RiceWatkins and owner McBee.

Crow Hill’s philosophy is to bring you into their family. Together they can work with you to help your family pet live the best life possible. They want to listen to what your needs are and suggest the best treatments they have for your circumstances.

“The reception we’ve gotten thus far has been amazing, people come in, look around and ask questions. They seem happy that we are here and we look forward to bringing them into our family,” McBee said.

Crow Hill Pet Hospital is located at 460 Park County Road 43, Suite 2, in Bailey.

Their website is and their Facebook page is or give them a call at 303-Vet-Hosp (303-838-4677).

Their hours are Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. and Tuesdays from 9 a.m. until 9 p.m.

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