If your group is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization that focuses on the mountain community between Shawnee and Conifer, you are invited to apply by Dec. 16 to be a beneficiary of the Platte Canyon Community Partnership (PCCP) Resale Boutique in Bailey.

Having given away over $70,000 in their four-year existence, the all-volunteer PCCP Resale Boutique’s mission is to donate as much of their profits as possible to other non-profits that directly serve children, families and individuals in this mountain corridor. PCCP also awards scholarships to Platte Canyon High School seniors each spring.

Beneficiary applications are available at the PCCP Resale Boutique on U.S. Highway 285 in Bailey Plaza, 303-816-7423 and at www.pccpresale-boutique.org.

Once selected as a beneficiary, the non-profit will be assigned a month during which it will partner by donating a minimum of eight hours per week back to PCCP according to a plan worked out with a PCCP board member liaison. Each group is unique, therefore the approach taken in partnering is developed to fit their volunteer base and resources. The percentage of profits donated is based on sales and organizational participation.

Even after reopening in mid-June because of the COVID epidemic, the PCCP Resale Boutique has donated almost $15,000 to Boys and Girls Club of the High Rockies, Platte Canyon Seniors Alliance, Deer Creek Elementary School Greenhouse Fund, and LifeBridge Food Pantry. In addition, Platte Canyon High School seniors, Sydney Mammoser and Sam Hatz, were each awarded $1,000 toward their college experience.

PeaceWorks is the current beneficiary in October, followed by Friends of Mount Evans and Lost Creek Wildernesses in November, and Widow’s Oil Food Pantry in December.

Volunteer participation is the key to PCCP Resale Boutique’s success, and donations of furniture, clothing, collectables, kitchenware and home décor provide a “something for everyone” opportunity if you choose not only to shop locally, but to support non-profits in our community.

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