Eric Swab, noted historian from Colorado Springs, will be presenting his latest book, “The Granite Attraction – Stories of the Pikes Peak Highway and Summit” at Lake George Charter School, Sept. 19 at 2 p.m.

This presentation is being sponsored by Pikes Peak Historical Society as part of their Chautauqua Programs. These presentations are free and open to the public.

Swab’s book covers the development of the Pikes Peak Highway from 1888 when people began to venture to the summit. America’s Mountain became an attraction for visitors and through the years it has been the source of tall tales, stories of hardship, and of failure. Swab did his research and the book shares what he found in exploring the history of this famed mountain. It concludes with the new railway system and visitor’s center, which opened this summer.

“Eric has provided a nice mix of historical facts sprinkled with many entertaining stories,” commented Don Sanborn, President of Pikes Peak Hill Climb Historical Association.

Swab was originally from California, but after a visit to Colorado Springs, they decided to stay and have claimed it as home for 48 years. In 2003, he retired and began hiking, mostly Pikes Peak. During his hikes, he would find evidence of human activity, which prompted him to do research on the area and its early inhabitants. One of his first projects was the Fremont Foundation Experimental Station. Swab has also worked with the forest service and researched Skelton Mountain Ranch near Woodland Park. He has previously published two other books; “From Utility to Attraction – A History of the Mount Manitou Park and Incline Railroad” and “Fred Barr – Pikes Peak Entrepreneur”.

Swab will be offering a PowerPoint presentation on the summit of Pikes Peak and answer questions from the audience. He will also conduct a book signing following the presentation. Copies of Swab’s book will be available for sale at the event for cash sales only.

Lake George Charter School is located just east of Lake George at 38874 U.S. Highway 24.

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