Pumpkin-scented candles

Candles available for sale at The Woolly Moth in Fairplay. (Photo courtesy of The Woolly Moth)

The Woolly Moth, Senior’s Center Thrift Shop and more

By Lori Bennett


Many people consider Christmas the main holiday for decorating, but Halloween decorating is also quite popular.

Fairplay has a number of shops with local talent that can help support Halloween projects. 

Artistically-carved pumpkins by artist Polly White can be purchased at the Coyote Creek Studio Arts. The Studio also has classes throughout the year. More information can be found at their website, www.coyotecreekarts.com.

“We are about half sold out of our decorations, but we still have hanging pumpkins, candy skulls, masks and many costuming items,” said Phil Freeman, cashier for the Fairplay Family Dollar.

The South Park Senior’s Center Thrift Shop has many items available for costuming and decorating. Items may not be “Halloween-specific,” but with some imagination, items can be turned into scary front yard props and costumes. “South Park Senior Center and Thrift Store” is how the center is listed on Facebook.

Mountain Sun Arts is a unique store with lots of cool items. More information can be found on their Facebook page, “Mountain Sun Arts.”

”If you like unique art, funny people or supporting local businesses and artists, you should go here (Mountain Sun Arts),” said Katie Waters on Facebook.

The Old Red Barn has a variety of items, some of which can be added to a Halloween display and then repurposed for other holidays. Their Facebook page is “Old Red Barn.”

The Unrepentant Artist has skull and bony clocks, medieval items. Many items can be viewed on their website, www.unrepentantartist.com.

Halloween and Fall are celebrated in the new Woolly Moth store in Fairplay.

“I have a few fall-related home decor items for Thanksgiving time with sayings like, ‘thankful for us,’ ‘so very blessed’ and of course, pumpkin scented candles,” said Heather Nicholson, owner and operator of The Woolly Moth.

Pumpkin Painting Classes by The Woolly Moth

“I will also be holding fun arts and crafts classes throughout the year. I have three pumpkin painting classes coming up this week, and will be having a fall wreath class in November and ornament making in December,” said Nicholson.

For more information about pumpkin classes, check out the Facebook page at Woolly Moth. Their Etsy business address is Etsy.com; type “WoollyMothBoutique.” 

Looking for inspiration to decorate for Halloween?

This is not a problem. It is recommended by Fairplay Halloween experts to just enjoy and maybe even fear the decorations around town at many businesses. And to take it a step further, super fans of Halloween can visit Hand Hotel and feel the ghosts, sometimes literally, as Grandma Hand continues to make appearances, even after all these years.

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