Guffey Community Charter School Board Meets

Guffey School Board meeting was attended by from left to right are Chris Peterson, School Bookkeeper Kim McAlear, Frank Ruvo, Linda Parrish, and Laura Owens.

(Photo by Flip Boettcher/The Flume)

The first notice of the Guffey Community Charter School board of director’s elections in April has been posted, and there are two seats up for election, those of Frank Ruvo and Laura Owens, who have both declared their intent to re-run. The deadline for anyone else wishing to run for the board is March 18, said board president Ruvo at the monthly board meeting.

Kim McAlear, school bookkeeper, was at the meeting to go over, explain and answer any questions the board had about the recent school audit. Much discussion ensued with the bottom line being the school is bringing in more than it is spending.

A lot of the discussion involved challenges the school has had since changing the organizational and financial structure of the school on the advice of their accountants and attorneys.

The school is actually two entities. From the school website, “The school’s daily transactions and operational income and expenses are administered by the Guffey Community Charter School Fund, which is controlled by the Board and operates as a governmental organization according to IRS regulations.

“The Guffey Community Charter School Foundation is a non-profit entity that raises revenue for the specific purpose of donation to the Fund.”

All the board documents, budgets, audits, school policies, administrator monitoring reports, and lots more information can be found at

In the written administrator monitoring reports, Owens wondered about using students names in the reports. The board agreed that the first name with a quote was OK as long as it was nothing confidential.

The board liked that the reports showed things that weren’t going well, as well as things that are. Board member Chris Peterson liked how the Ends Limitations Policy reports were organized.

In the board self-monitoring reports, board member Linda Parrish brought up the fact that Governance Policy-8 needed to be updated and the board agreed to do that at the upcoming workshop.

School Principal Martine Walker reported a successful Pie Palooza with a little over $6,800 raised from the auction of forty-eight pies and the help of twenty-five volunteers. The top selling pie was $485 this year.

Walker also reported that Randy Ford, Veterans of Foreign Wars, had given a CPR/advanced first aid class for the school staff and that he would be willing to give the same class to the community.

The students wrote Valentine’s Day letters and cards to armed forces personnel, reported Walker. The letters and cards will be added to boxes of donated items that Tom and Tiffany Sweet have been collecting and will be sending to overseas armed forces personnel.

Traditionally, the graduating eighth grader(s) have had an 8th Grade Breakfast with the school board workshop following.

Due to scheduling conflicts, this year’s only eighth grade graduate, Sophia Guilliani, will be having an afternoon tea Thursday, March 8, at 4 p.m. with the board workshop following, said Ruvo.

In other matters, the board approved the agenda, Jan. 10 regular meeting and executive session minutes, Jan. 12 electronic meeting minutes, and the consent agenda.

The board acknowledged receipt of the administrator and board self-monitoring reports. The meeting recessed at 6:42 p.m. for an executive session to discuss the administrator evaluation. Board member Cathleen Van Egmond had an excused absence.

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