Fairplay has gone through a lot this past year, but Town of Fairplay Mayor Frank Just has a lot of great news for Fairplay.

“Fairplay was able to accommodate many new businesses in 2020,” Just said.

The pandemic took a toll on many small businesses. The fact that many new ones opened in Fairplay was shocking.

 The Wooly Moth retail, Sweet Bakes Pantry and Eagle Rock Ranch butcher store all opened in 2020. Also, a couple of businesses expanded. KB’s Kakery and Dorthy’s Tamales expanded to increase sit-down dining. Also, Millionzi’s restaurant participated in a televised remodel.

“Although some things were going well last year, there were also many challenges,” said Just. “One of the biggest challenges for me was sorting through all the information of the corona virus, and doing our best as a town board and an administration to make the right decision.”

It is hard to imagine what those in the town hall were going through, with all of the stress to find answers about this terrible virus. Just went on to emphasize how they were going to try to put the issue of the virus in the past to make sure we do this in a good manner so we can keep businesses open.

Every year Fairplay has their work cut out for them with all of the fun activities, but will this year consist of those activities?

Just says there will be many expected activities this year. On the other hand, the Town of Fairplay might not be able to do these activities, because the town is having a spike in COVID cases.

“I would love to see us going through with these events,”   Just said.

Burro Days is an amazing Fairplay tradition; however, it did not happen in 2020.

“We would sure love for it to happen this year, and it is far enough out th this at we may be able to have it happen,” Just said. “This particular event requires months of preparation, now with COVID, it might take a bit longer. It is crunch time to figure out what safety measures they need to take.”

Other events in Fairplay that were canceled last year include the Fourth of July celebration, all of the TGIF concerts, many school events, the Christmas celebration, and more.

The Park County Fair, however, did take place, with health and safety modifications.

Special projects are almost a happy distraction from what is going on around us. Just spoke about these projects.

“The River Park project will continue,” said Just.

The Fairplay River Park is “The Town of Fairplay’s largest and most heavily utilized in-town park,” states the website, www.fairplayriverpark.com.

The river park includes the development of the land that is east and west of Fairplay Beach.

“What is special about this project is that it will be connecting most of the current trails,”Just said ‘’It is expected to be completed this year.”

Nobody could have predicted the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. However, town officials acted swiftly and methodically ensuring that businesses continued to thrive during a dire economic crisis.   

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