Medieval helmet for Christmas

Fairplay’s local shops offer unique gifts at good prices. This helmet is offered by the Unrepentant Artist store on Front St. In Fairplay. (Photo by Lori Bennett/The Flume)

“Shop locally” is a phrase heard often these days. What does that mean for Fairplay, and what are some unique gift ideas for holidays or special occasion?

The Unrepentant Artist is just one of many small boutique stores in Fairplay and carries many unique, handmade gifts, and at “non-Breckenridge prices.”

“We do lots of business online as well as in the store,” said Deb Hamm, artist and owner of Unrepentant Artist.

The store location is now in a larger space in the purple building across from Hand Hotel in Fairplay on Front Street.

Many items in the UA may be considered vintage items, such as Japanese pottery that dates back to 1974. However, there are also many items, such as helmets and mugs, that date back to medieval times.

And who wouldn’t want a skull and bony clock, a throwing star (hidden hand blade also called a ninja star) or a Damascus knife for Christmas?

The UA also has a large selection of beautifully crafted swords.

Meet the Artists

Artists featured at the UA are as follows, courtesy of the UA website.

Betsy Buckner’s bright, colorful, whimsical “Happy Art” is sure to bring smiles to hermits everywhere, even up here in the remote regions of South Park. Betsy resides in Denver.

Jane Wunder’s superb pastels and watercolors portray the beauty of South Park. Jane is “Weaving Wunders” of fiber wall-art, scarves and cowls. Jane splits her time here in Fairplay and Arizona.

Brooke Connor’s creatively funky animals and whimsy critters show off bold colors and intricate details in her canvas, metal and matted prints and cards. Wunder resides in Boulder.

Pat Agatsuma is a woman from a family of Japanese potters, living in Denver, and she has an exquisite collection that will make your table setting complete: bowls, cups, vases, covered bottles and jars. A few date back to 1974, many are wrapped in newspapers from the 1980s. All are unused.

Simona Firpo’s “String Theory” art, threaded onto antique photos, is sure to catch your attention. Originally from Argentina, but currently resides in Alma.

Mike McCray’s hand-carved totems, mirrors and faces resonate from thousand-year-old bristlecone pine. His beautiful cedar and burlwood slab tables and coat racks sell out quickly. McCray resides in Pueblo.

Alyssa Serpentini, from Alma, has created an array of beautiful 3-D artwork. Alyssa creates a deep faux buildup and turns it into, what I call “Pot Art.” She hand crushes hemp and other local organic, earthy, objects into her proprietary mix. The result is stunning. Her cutting edge art, and name, are well known for this.

RoByn Wright of RAW Designs is a multifaceted artist. She has created her own clothing brand and other artful lines. Her current obsession is earrings. Made from lightweight leather and feathers, with a variety of gemstones.

The store has a special “Man Cave,” which offers hunks of Burly Stone soap, Damascus straight razors, blades, local ceramic shaving bowls, beard elixirs, hand balm, dog soap and more “cave dwelling items.”

And for women, there are scented bars of soap, high-antioxidant moisturizers that also have CBD (cannabidiol).

The UA also carries top-shelf CBD extract products to soothe pain and help create body wellness, for humans and dogs and cats.

The UA also offers an online shopping store and gallery website at

Stay tuned next week for more exploration of local shops.

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