Sworn in

Judge Groome presides over Oath of Office for the newly elected elected school board members. (Left to right) Judge Stephen A. Groome, Gary Jungemeyer and Kim Bungaard. (Photo by Robin Hoffmann/The Flume)

Judge Stephen A. Groome presided over the swearing in of South Park School District’s newly elected school board members, Gary Jungemeyer and Kim Bungaard. At the Nov. 16 meeting,. Bungaard was also voted in as vice president of the school board.

The current school board now consists of Foss Smith, president; Kim Bungaard, vice president; Tina Bogani, secretary/treasurer; Gary Jungemeyer and Jan Toyne.

The current school board program leads are Tina Bogani and Gary Jungemeyer, district accountability committee; Jan Toyne, Boards of Cooperative Educational Services; Jan Toyne and Foss Smith Strategic Planning; Kim Bungaard, Colorado Association of School Boards; and Tina Bogani, South Park Foundation.

The DAC written report and Mountain BOCES Operational Agreement were tabled until the December meeting.

Superintendent Joe Torres also provided information on the building of the new school website, stating it will provide a more robust and service-oriented format with greater accessibility.

Discussions also focused on conserving current financial resources, focusing solely on essentials for the staff and students.

No freeze of spending was advised; however, continuous conservation will be a focus for the upcoming year.

As the board continues to consider the future, concerns over the open network of the current information technologies system were expressed.

Torres stated the system has been evaluated, and further data protection for the network is within reach, as the technical director has requested approval from the board for the project to move forward into development and request for proposal stage.

Torres also announced the filling of the open fourth grade teaching position at Edith Teter Elementary with Laura Davis, to be effective Nov. 20. Davis is a re-hire to the Park County school system.

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