Keeping Lake George Charter School Safe

High Country Realty businessman John Magoon (left) presented a Garrett metal detection wand to security team member Keith Lanz (center) and Security Manager Rex Oliver (right).

(Photo by Sonja Oliver)

The donation of a metal detection device from High Country Realty businessman John Magoon of Florissant has given Lake George Charter School another tool at its disposal to maintain safety for attending students.

Recent school shooting headlines prompted Magoon and his wife Christine Ford to “look for a way to help the school,” especially with regard to making the school more safe and secure.

“We are part of the community and we wanted to see what else we can do,” Magoon said.

“Our grandchildren attend (Lake George). We saw (the school) didn’t have a metal detector and wanted to find something practical that could help with school security.”

The Garrett metal detecting wand will be utilized by the school’s armed school security personnel and is especially helpful during special events when a large volume of people enter the building.

“We always appreciate any contribution to help with school security,” Security Manager and security team member Rex Oliver said.

Through numerous safety reviews, in addition to armed security, LGCS has incorporated Colorado’s required security protocols to protect the children under their care. However, funding remains a point of concern for many school communities with limited budgets.

Security team member Keith Lanz says school safety is not to be taken for granted. Lanz is a friendly and familiar face that children greet every morning, and he continually performs security checks at the school campus throughout the day.

“Look around here at these kids; that’s the reason why we are here,” Lanz said.

Both Oliver and Lanz have received extensive training through the Park County Sheriff’s Office and, as members of the Park County Sheriff’s Auxiliary, continue to train monthly.

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