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Guffey Steampunk members, left to right, Lawrence Epps, president, Lynn Buchanan and Carly Sandefur. (Photo by Flip Boettcher/The Flume)

This year, the Guffey Steampunk Society held its fourth fundraising Vagabond Flea Market on Saturday July Fourth at Sarah’s Place at the Bakery. The group, Lawrence Epps, president, Lynn Buchanan and Carly Sandefur, had to close up shop about 1 p.m., though, because of a thunderstorm. Otherwise, said Epps, the group did very well during the morning.

The GSS is an LLC corporation, which gives back the monies they raise to Guffey area non-profits like the Guffey Community Charter School and the Southern Park County Fire Protection District. The last two year’s they have given a $200 scholarship to a graduating Guffey School senior.

The GSS started in October 2016 and has sponsored four fundraising Vagabond Flea Markets and three all day Steampunk Festivals.

This year, because of COVID-19, the GSS has canceled all events except the flea market. They will be participating in the Florence Escape in Time to Steampunk and Wind Festival Sept. 27-28, said Epps.

Steampunk is a blending or re-imagining of Victorian (1840-1910) ethics and social practices with modern technology powered by steam or spring power; there is no electricity. Steampunk can also incorporate the American Wild West, post-apocalyptic, fantasy, horror, military and alternative history themes.

Steampunkers dress up in a range of Victorian clothing styles; leather corsets are popular with the women, and accessories, which include weird ray guns, watches, goggles, hats and lots of multi-sized cogs everywhere.

Steampunk heroes include Jules Verne, H.G. Wells and Mary Shelley, 19th century scientific romance authors.

Visit the GSS’s Facebook page at Steampunk Society for more information about meetings, events and how to become a member. You can also contact the society at

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