Vendors and organizers were upbeat about the attendance, sales and fundraising at the Conifer Newcomers and Neighbors 36th Annual Holiday Boutique at Conifer High School on Nov. 2.

Attendance was strong when The Flume arrived mid-morning that Saturday. All parking lots were full, and overflow was shuttled from the Flying J Park parking via school bus.

Conifer Newcomers and Neighbors member Joanne Gregory, who handled booth rentals, cited the show’s reputation among vendors. “Vendors say this is a good show. Most report greater sales here than at some shows running three days.”

Vendor Bernie Nagy, co-owner of High Country Artworks, was pleased Saturday. “I’m having a fantastic day. There are a lot of people visiting my booth from all over Park County; not just Conifer people are shopping today.”

Vendor Vince Tolpo, co-owner of Shawnee Mountain Gallery, and Alan Lambert, with Divide Creek Wood Turnings, Inc., were also pleased with the traffic. Both said they were having a good day.

Three rounds of silent auctions had proceeds earmarked for the Conifer Area Council’s trails program. Reached by phone after the event, Pat Bouchard, Conifer Trails team co-chair, said: “We don’t have the exact amount yet, but I can say that the silent auction raised between $7,000 and $7,500 for Conifer Trails,”

Bouchard spoke of the new trail connection from Conifer Road under U.S. 285 to Meyer Parkway, which leads to Meyer Ranch Park and Legault Mountain.

“That portion of the trail and underpass is now open. People can park at King Soopers and walk to the park,” he said.

Bouchard thanked CN&N for allowing Conifer Trails to hold the silent auction and benefit from it. “Conifer Newcomers and Neighbors were great to work with,” he said.

And overall attendance?

“There was great participation (by the community), and the event went well overall,” he said.

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