This year the Park County Veterans Service Officers applied for and received a State of Colorado Veterans Assistance Grant. These grants are intended to help veterans with specific problems and designed so they do not duplicate similar grants to other local organizations. Very few of these grants were given out this year due to budgeting constraints.

The Veterans Assistance Grant allocated to Park County Veterans Services has five categories for aid. First is family counseling and mental health services for county veterans and their families. Second is specialized animal (equine) therapy to provide a calming mental, physical and rehabilitative atmosphere for veterans experiencing depression, anxiety or stress. The third category is emergency transportation for medical appointments or other critical transport needs that cannot be addressed in a normal manner. Fourth is emergency assistance to give a one-time support to veterans and their families who face an unexpected crisis. The fifth is assistance for emergency housing.

The Veterans Administration attempts to address many of the five categories of this state-sponsored grant but often veterans or their families fall through the cracks within the federal bureaucracy. We hope that we will be able to help some veterans who have been unable to find the assistance they need through the big VA. If you have questions about this or any Veterans Program, please contact our Veteran Service Officers at either office. If you have topics you wish to be discussed or addressed at a Veterans Rendezvous or in this column let us know, Park County’s Veteran Service officers are here to serve the county’s Veterans.

 If you want more information, please contact your Park County Veterans Service Officers: Fairplay, 719-836-4132; Bailey, 303-816-9498.

The Veterans Service officers are employed by Park County to serve the Veterans of our county. Thank you to the editor of The Flume for providing this space to reach out to our Veterans.

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