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Carly Sane, left, and Kaeli Simonet, right, opened the Synchronicity Thrift Shop in Fairplay. The store supports their nonprofit organization, the High Rockies Collective.

There’s a new store in the Town of Fairplay and it has a bit of everything, as well as an underlying mission which supports activities such as recycling.

Synchrony Thrift opened its doors June 1 this summer, and has been going strong ever since.

“This is a social enterprise and everything is a donation to the thrift shop,” Kaeli Simonet, one of the two CEO’s for the High Rockies Collective, non-profit organization.

The store was created by Kaeli Simonet and Carly Sane to support a new non-profit called the High Rockies Collective.

“We believe things tend to find their way in and out of our lives. We believe living sustainably includes recycling and reusing retail items. We foster a culture of self-sufficiency, community connection and positive energy,” the ST business owners and founders of the HRC write on their website.

The store is located at 501 U. S. HIghway 285, Suit 2A in Fairplay. This is across from the Family Dollar store and next to High Paws Pet Supply.

Store hours are Monday through Tuesday from 10 a.m -  6 p.m., Thursday - Friday from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m., Saturday from 10 a.m. - 6 p.m. and Sunday 12 noon - 5 p.m.

Appointments can be made for those interested in making donations to the thrift shop.

“Nice little shop, Carly is very nice, it’s got a good vibe about it! Got a super sweet elephant dress(a dress with elephants on it, not a dress for my elephant),” Echo Powell wrote on Facebook.

The sales from ST support the High Rockies Collective organization.

“We have applied to be a 501c 3 organization and are awaiting approval for the HRC,” Simonet said.

“The mission of the HRC is a collection of individuals supporting the overall sustainability of the community through education,programs, and varied goods and services,” Simonet said.

In addition to the services offered through the ST, the non-profit collective plans programs that will be offered in the community, such as yoga, chocolate-making, canning and a book club.

Many organizations used the word “sustainability.”

The definition put forth by Simonet and Sane is, “ Supporting and nourishing the self, community, and earth in order to thrive in the present and keep moving forward.”

Simonet and Sane, as founders of the HRC, add the following:

 “We believe in living more sustainably, from the energy we use to the clothes we wear. We believe in sustainable food culture, from the land we grow with to the food we eat. We believe in sustainably interacting with animals, from bees to chickens to dogs. We foster a culture of self-sufficiency, community connection, and positive energy.”

More information can be found at the website, and also on Facebook and Instagram social media sites.

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