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Kiki Stromberg, owner of Kiki’s Peak Produce, brings fresh fruit, vegetables, spices and more to the Colorado high country through her food cart based in Alma. She also delivers food boxes. (Photo by Lori Bennett/The Flume)

Life in the high Colorado mountains is not always conducive to producing lush crops, especially close to timberline. So, where do people in Alma and nearby get fresh produce? For the past two years, the answer has been at Kiki’s Peak Produce on the main drag in Alma.

Kiki’s Peak Produce is a small business that meets the demand for fresh produce from May through October.  And, if growing and selling fresh fruits and vegetables isn’t challenging enough, KPP is doing this in Alma, the highest incorporated town in all of North America, 10,578 feet. above sea level.

Kristen, “Kiki” Stromberg, owner, opened her fresh produce business in 2018 and has been busily obtaining and selling delicious farm fresh produce in the mountains through her bright green truck in Alma and via a fresh food box program.

KPP’s produce includes fruits, vegetables, spices, trail mixes, jams and preserves.

“We offer delicious farm fresh produce; farm fresh means more nutritious, better tasting and better quality produce,” Stromberg said. “The produce comes from farms all around Colorado and sometimes farms in surrounding states when there is a demand for things that aren’t available in Colorado, such as New Mexican hatch chiles or avocados.”

Stromberg explained that Colorado farmers trade with farmers in other states so even when customers are buying items from other areas, they are still supporting local farms. Most of KPP’s produce comes from Palisade, Olathe, Pueblo, Brighton and Rocky Ford.

Business in 2020

Stromberg has met the COVID-19 challenges with the necessary sanitary precautions, and said she has added a no-contact doorstep delivery service for customers. She also partners with the Al-Mart General Store to provide a produce box pick-up option and does the same at the Keller Williams office in Frisco, which gives customers a minimal contact choice.

In addition, this year’s Colorado cherry, apricot and lots of Palisade peach crops were destroyed by an early April freeze. As a result, Stromberg brings in cherries, apricots and peaches  from nearby states.

“It’s been tough navigating this very challenging season, but I’m doing my best to optimize, evolve and innovate with the current circumstances,” Stromberg says.

More about Stromberg

Stromberg hails from Frisco and has a passion for learning and growing. Through this experience, she has taken advantage of the resources for small businesses in Colorado through the Small Business Development Center.

“The resources through the SBDC are a tremendous help to anyone wanting to start or grow a small business,” Stromberg said.

Stromberg also learns a lot from farmers all over the state who have been happy to teach her about their products, practices and techniques.

“Each time I visit and load up with more fresh produce, I’m learning something new from them,” Stromberg said. “We do our best to minimize single use plastics, food waste and any unnecessary shortcuts resulting in negative impacts on the planet.”


“I just got my delivery from Kiki’s Produce and holy heck is she amazing. If you’re looking for produce and delivery, Kiki’s got it,” Jess Beal wrote on Kiki’s Peak Produce website.

“Kiki always has the freshest fruits and veggies, always picked within days, and her passion shows,” wrote Nancy Chapmon on Facebook.

“Got some amazing produce delivered right to my door, highly recommend for price and punctuality,” Johnna Pleban wrote on Facebook.

For more information, stop by the KPP stand in Alma, next to Otto’s Food Cart, or call at 903-918-1821 or visit their Facebook page or website.

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