New owners of the Jefferson Market

(Left to right) Roger and Julie Greenwald reopened the Jefferson Market and look forward to serving the community of Jefferson and the many commuters that drive alone U.S. Highway 285. (Photo by Bill Bruner/The Flume)

The staple of the Jefferson community, the Jefferson Market, has reopened with new owners. The new owners are Roger and Julie Greenwald.

The Greenwalds moved to the community a little over a year ago from Littleton and saw that the market was closed. Julie has worked as a convenience store manager for 32 years.

Roger is a Colorado native and a licensed contractor, which has helped with bringing the market up to code.

“Because the market was closed for over a year, we have to bring everything up to the current codes. That’s one reason why it took a while for us to get the store open,” Roger said.

The Greenwalds have big plans for the market, and they promise that the pricing of all the products they carry will be reasonable. Their hope is they can become a resource for the community. They are currently working hard to get the deli counter reopened.

The Greenwalds hope to serve breakfast and lunch seven days a week and may try doing dinners Friday and Saturday evenings. They want feedback from the community about what products they should be carrying.

After bringing back the deli counter, the Greenwalds hope to have fudge back in the shop to bring back a tradition for the market. Their plan is to reopen the gas station portion of the market this spring and to continue to grow their products.

They pride themselves on customer service and promise that they will keep the products they carry in stock for the community.

The market is open seven days a week from 7 a.m. until 8 p.m. The Greenwalds say that during the summer months they may try to keep the market open later, but they are happy that they finally have been able to open.

The Greenwalds have seven children, six boys and one girl. They look forward to serving the community and getting to know everyone who stops in.

The Jefferson Market is located at 38600 U.S. Highway 285, Jefferson. You can reach them at 719-836-4919. Their website is or on Facebook at

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