What? No gas?

Ownership of the Badger Basin Gas Station and Convenience store changed hands July 7 and the gas station and store were temporarily closed the weekend of July 9-11.

The unexpected temporary closure of the Badger Basin Gas Station, Convenience and Liquor Store in Hartsel caused confusion and some difficulties for travelers and locals who depend on the gas supply last weekend.

“I gave two cans of gas to a lady traveling with three children,” Terrie Dalessandro, Hartsel resident, said.

“The gas pumps and store are temporarily closed,” Eric Liebold, one of three new owners of the Badger Basin Gas Station and Convenience store, said.

Liebold is also the chief operating officer of the Chief Petroleum Gas Station in Colorado Springs.

The BB in Hartsel was sold by Carol Trainer, former owner, to three partners who also own the Chief Petroleum gas station.

The closing occurred July 7, and the three new partners and owners are Eric Liebold, Lisa Heiden and John Schutz.

“We plan to use some of the same staff and also hire additional staff; just come by and talk to us and bring your resume,” Liebold said.

“We will immediately and drastically reduce gas prices; introducing the price of regular unleaded at $3.399 per gallon.”

“We will also be selling premium, no ethanol gas and diesel. The no ethanol gas is quite popular with owners of recreational vehicles; boats, motorcycles and snowmobiles.”

A new digital sign to post and update gas prices has already been installed at the station.

Plans to remodel the interior of the store include options for more inventory.

The new owners plan to move the liquor store inventory into the convenience store and are pursuing those permits.

When will the gas pumps and the store reopen?

“We (the partners) are meeting tomorrow,” Liebold said. “The pumps are closed until we can get the change of merchant services piece of the puzzle arranged.”

“We want to be part of the community and will be listening to what people want.”

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