Bigfoot Family

The Sasquatches were welcomed to Bailey May 31, and the new residents will be residing with Jim and Daphne Myers, owners of  The Sasquatch Outpost. (Photo courtesy of Shari Peterson)

Jim and Daphne Myers, owners of Sasquatch Outpost in Bailey, recently went to extrordinary measures to provide both transportation and housing for a pair of new Bailey residents.

The Bigfoot family, also known as the Sasquatch family, arrived on a trailer May 31, and was delivered by Warn and Shari Peterson. The Petersons said their cargo had been the topic of lively conversation for many curious travelers along the way from Ohio, where the Sasquatches were constructed by a company called Unit 70 Studios in Columbus.

The Sasquatches, who were delivered in a cleverly decorated crate marked “Warning: Sasquatch” is on the move from OH to CO,” will make their home in the museum portion of the Myers’ popular store in downtown Bailey.

The Bigfoot family will likely be a hit among Sasquatch Outpost visitors of all ages, and they are a visually striking pair by anyone’s standards. The Bigfoot family consists of a 7’3” mechanical Sasquatch, as well as a small juvenile.

Sasquatch Outpost, located at 149 Main Street, boasts a one-of-a-kind Sasquatch Discovery Museum along with the largest selection of Sasquatch souvenirs anywhere in Colorado. The Myers have been adding more attractions in the museum lately, and the addition of the Bigfoot family is part of that ongoing process.

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