Even though all results are still unofficial, it appears that a variety of school board positions changed hands Tuesday in both Platte Canyon School District RE-1 and Park County School District RE-2.

Three school board members were elected for two-year terms in PCSD RE-2, where three positions needed to be filled. Shana Bundy received 1,192 votes, James Dean received 1,190 votes and Larry Foster received 1,116.

Two more positions on that same board were required to be filled for four-year terms, and only two names appeared on the ballot: Sheila Waite received 1,271 votes, while Graham J. Fowler garnered 1,158.

Six school board candidates vied for three open positions in PCSD RE-1. Frank VanDeHey led all candidates with 1,248 votes, followed by Sheri Bezzant (1,180) and Melissa “Missy” Winefeldt (817). Those three appear to have won positions on the board.

Other candidates in that same race included Cynthia “Cyndie” Sherriff (732), Charles Guttilla (625) and David Poniatowski (583).

In other election news, Amendment 78 failed to pass in Park County with a vote total of 3,518-2,894.

Proposition 119 failed 3,933-2,610, as did Proposition 120 by a count of 3,822-2,607.

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