In training

Regional Training Officer Don Distefano goes over gauges to LGFPD Fire fighters Roger Aldridge and John Mogon. (Photo by Marianne Mogon/The Flume)

Lake George Fire Protection District was the host of a four-day fire training through the Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, March 26 through 29.

Don Distefano, Regional Training Officer, Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, presented the program using a Mobile Pump Operator Unit (MPOU). The MPOU is a 26-foot trailer that has a 3000-gallon water tank equipped with 6” hard suction, multiple water inlets and a water pump to simulate pressurized hydrant operations.

Once filled with water, the MPOU can be used as a water supply for a source engine that can relay water to an attack engine. The attack engine then discharges the appropriate number of gallons per minute through a series of fire-ground hose lines back into the MPOU. This set-up affords the ability to recycle tens of thousands of gallons of water throughout the day’s pump operations training.

 Several fire districts were invited, but due to a variety of work schedules, etc., Four Mile and Florissant Fire Protection Districts were the only ones who accepted the invitation. Of the 24 members of LGFPD, 22 participated in the training and several did multiple classes.

The MPOU is able to accommodate up to two fire apparatus at a time, and the fire districts were able to choose what apparatus to use. They also used their own equipment: hose, nozzles, fittings, adaptors and radios.

Distefano worked as an engineer for South Metro Fire Department in Denver for 25 years before becoming a training instructor for Colorado Division of Fire Prevention and Control, a state funded program offered free to fire departments. Other training programs are available including the “Making a Better Driver” class with a mobile driving simulator.

“Volunteer departments are the biggest users of our training, which makes better fire departments and keeps communities safer. The fire fighters become more proficient at their skills and efforts to protect their communities,” commented Distefano.

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