Emily Bernier receives award

Platte Canyon High School student Emily Bernier, along with Sydney Curtis and Tess Lozensky, were recognized by the school board for their art that was on display at the Colorado Association of School Boards annual convention.

(Photo by Bill Bruner/The Flume)

At the end of the regularly scheduled Platte Canyon School District RE-1 meeting, the board members discussed the possibility of holding an open forum for the community to attend. New board member Joe Burgett suggested the idea, and the other board members were interested in the idea.

The discussion went on for nearly an hour, and the decision was made that Superintendent Dr. Brenda Krage would talk with other area districts to see how they go about having a public forum and report back at the February board meeting.

The general consensus among the board members was that they would want this forum to be a positive way to solve some of the issues facing the district, like retention of students.

The meeting began with Krage reading a proclamation for school board appreciation month. Krage noted that the celebration will go into February since the students just got back from the holiday break.

Next the board presented the student artwork that was displayed at the annual Colorado Association of School Boards.

The winners included Sydney Curtis from Deer Creek Elementary School, Tess Lozensky from Fitzsimmons Middle School and Emily Bernier from Platte Canyon High School.

The next presentation was members of the Bailey Outdoor Education and Recreation Area. Present were Nikki Batzer, John Gerritsen and David Pomatowski. They discussed the Turkey Trot that this year set a record with 238 participants. The previous record was in 2016 but was only 78.

BOERA said the event raised almost $2,400 which the group gave back to the schools. They look to continue to grow participation in the event as it moves forward.

The board then heard from Stephanie Juneau from CFO Systems LLC, about mid-year budget adjustments. Later in the meeting, the board approved two budget resolutions regarding the midyear budget.

The first was the expenditures in the amount of $14,701,377, and the second was for fund balances: $2,305,409 for the general fund, $23,313 for the Swim Pool Fund, and $1,537 for the Student Activities Fund.

In general, the district is doing slightly better than budgeted, and all the adjustments were discussed at earlier board meetings, so there was nothing unusual about these adjustments.

Krage then presented the superintendent’s report. There will be some changes coming to the Boys and Girls Club of the High Rockies at FMS, but there will be no changes for DCES.

The changes were sent out to the parents in a letter from Krage Tuesday, Jan. 9. In the letter Krage said that because of budget cuts, the BGCHR will lose $35,000 in funding, and therefore will suspend after-school club services at FMS.

Krage also mentioned that FMS was the winner of the John Irwin award, which is given to schools that demonstrate exceptional academic achievement over time. In addition FMS received the Governors Distinguished Improvement Award.

Krage then discussed the Colorado Department of Education facility assessment reports which the district still has not received.

Krage believes that these may not be received completely until late spring. Once received, they will be discussed at a future board meeting.

Krage concluded her report with acknowledgement of the great work the DCES Parent Teacher Association has done. The PTA was able to build a wall for the students over the Christmas break.

The action items for the meeting, besides the budget resolutions previously mentioned, were the acceptance of donations from the following individuals and groups.

Five hundred dollars for PCHS’s giving tree from the Burland Homeowners Association, $500 for PCHS from the Bailey HUNDO, $1,500 for PCSD from the Bailey HUNDO, $500 for DCES from BHA, $200 for FMS for a baritone saxophone case from Jesse Melero, DCES for Young Ameritown from several donors.

Sixty dollars from Heather Hunter, $20 Anna MacArthur, $20 Jamie Tennyson, $60 Tiffany Anderson, $20 Melissa Louk, $20 Joshua and Colleen Wort, $20 Raina Corson, $20 Deborah Wehrer, $20 Shannon Anderson, $20 Susanna Frantz, $20 John Arnouts, $20 Frank and Sarah Clair, $40 Robert and Judith Abbey, $40 Christine Abbey and two $20 donations from anonymous donors.

Finally, in the public comments section of the meeting, Scott Dickerson spoke to the board regarding the safety and security of student data. The state passed new standards that require a specific plan by July 31.

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