Lake George school

In an apparent surprise, Zoe Ann Holmes, Administrator of Lake George Charter School, submitted her letter of resignation to the school board during their meeting May 19. It was further learned that several teachers subsequently resigned as well.

Numerous attempts have been made to determine the cause of the upheaval to no avail. Contact was made with Jennifer Geffre, president of the board, who told The Flume after discussing the matter with her attorney they would cooperate and answer questions submitted in writing.

However, she did not respond directly to submitted questions and provided no direct answers.

Attempts have also been made to reach Holmes, but calls have not been returned.

On the school’s website, minutes of the board meetings are posted, but the last one available is from a special meeting on March 31, when board member Jason Kirkland resigned. There was also a unanimously approved motion to offer a contract to Mrs. Holmes for the 2021-2022 school year.

On the website, the board members listed are: President Jennifer Geffre, Vice President Fred Zuercher, Secretary/Treasurer Julie Gilley, with representatives Michelle Normandin and Susan Bernstetter. Apparently, Bernstetter replaced Kirkland.

According to the staff listings on the website, there are 13 teachers and two listed in administration: Holmes as administrator and Angelena Cavazos as office manager. There are links provided to other pages to view individuals’ pages; however, pages for eight teachers and both administrative personnel are no longer available.

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