Biking at BOERA

Bicycle races are just one of the many activities at the BOERA property located at 599 Rosalie Road. (Photo courtesy BOERA)

The Bailey Outdoor Education and Recreation Area is more popular today than ever before, and the result is a resounding win-win scenario for the entire community.

Thus far in 2020, BOERA has collected more than $20,000 in day use fees from disc golfers, dog-walkers, mountain bikers, hikers and other recreationists visiting the property. That represents a record year since the property became available for public use in 2006.

Those day use fees, in turn, go directly to the benefit of Platte Canyon School District students by providing access to a variety of outdoor educational and recreational activities, raising funds to benefit PCSD and serving as a recreational asset for the entire Bailey community.

“Since January 1, 2018, BOERA has donated $24,445.56 in the form of scholarships to local students, recreational equipment for the school district, and direct donations to the school district in support of athletics,” said BOREA accountant Travis Boyd. “This represents about one-third of total revenue collected by the organization.”


BOERA is a Platte Canyon School District property located at 599 Rosalie Road in Bailey that has been developed into an outdoor recreation area open to the public year-round. Recreation opportunities on this property include a world-class disc golf course, hiking, mountain biking and running trails.

BOERA was created in 2006, in agreement with PCSD, by a small group of community members with the intent of making this 72-acre parcel of property into a destination for students of PCSD and the Bailey community alike.  

The BOERA Board oversees the fundraising activities and development of this property in accordance with PCSD guidelines.  All activities and events held on this property must benefit the students of the Platte Canyon School District.

BOERA is home to the annual Husky Invitational Cross Country Meet, several disc golf tournaments and the Annual Bailey Turkey Trot, which is sponsored by BOERA.

BOERA Scholarships

BOERA provides scholarships to Platte Canyon High School students each spring from funds raised by usage fees on the property.

In 2016, BOERA awarded two $500 scholarships. In 2017, BOERA awarded four $500 scholarships. BOERA also distributed five $500 scholarships in 2018, and three  $750 scholarships in 2019.

For more information and a copy of the BOERA scholarship application, call the Platte Canyon High School Counseling Department at 303-838-7666, extension 1658.

BOERA Disk-golf course

Thanks in large part to the BOERA disc golf course, which was recently ranked fourth in the state and 32nd in the country by, and the explosive growth in the overall popularity of the sport, the number of visitors at the BOERA property continues to climb.

According to board member Alex Schupp, disc golfing currently accounts for the majority of the organization’s funds through $5 day pass fees.

“The people who set this golf course up did a remarkable job and made great use of the space,” Schupp said. “The course is known for its rugged terrain and tough holes, and it features 21 holes in all.”

According the Schupp, the highly regarded course has played host to about 4,000 rounds of disc golf at the property this year.

“We do receive some donations, but mainly our funding comes from day use fees at the property … and most of that comes from disc golfers,” Schupp said. “BOERA also raises funds through public and private events held at the property, such as The Bloom, a disc golf tournament put on by the Foothill Flyers disc golf club. We owe much of our fundraising success to partnerships with organizations such as the Foothill Flyers, who dedicate many man-hours each year into improving the property and disc golf course.”

Day use fees and reservations

A daily fee of $5 per person is suggested for property use. Use of the BOERA property is free for all children and students 18 and under, PCSD employees, and PCSD retired employees.

Annual Memberships to the BOERA property are available for purchase as well. Annual memberships cover the calendar year Jan 1 - Dec 31. Pricing is as follows:

$40 - Individual Membership, Bailey resident

$50 - Individual Membership, non-Bailey resident

$70 - Family Membership, Bailey resident (covers a family of up to 4 members)

$85 - Family Membership, non-Bailey residents (covers a family of up to 4 members)

To reserve the BOERA property for a private event or to use the property for a large gathering of any kind, please fill out the form and email it to

Events and Day use of the 599 Rosalie property are reserved for school or student use first and community, club, or organization use second. All agreements need to be approved by the BOERA Board.

Find out more about BOERA at

COVID-19 message from PCCSD and BOERA

“The Platte Canyon School District and the Bailey Outdoor Education & Recreation Area understand the importance of getting outside during these times of social distancing, for both physical and mental well-being.

Therefore, the Bailey Disc Golf Course and BOERA trail system will remain open for public use. With increased numbers of individuals participating in outdoor recreation, however, we respectfully ask that you please help keep our community safe by following the same guidelines as other public spaces.

Do not visit parks and public areas if sick; stay home, seek medical care.

Do not gather in groups larger than 4.

Practice social distancing of at least six feet on the disc golf course and trails.

Keep dogs on leash at alltimes.

Bring your own hand sanitizer and/or hand washing supplies, as BOERA lacks running water and restroom facilities.

Sanitize/wash hands after touching public surfaces such as baskets and benches.

High-risk visitors, please use discretion, and perhaps consider rescheduling your visits for a safer time.

Stay local. Please respect guidance from the CDC and Gov. Polis; if you are not a member of our local mountain community, reconsider your visit and pursue outdoor recreation in your own community.

Once the COVID-19 emergency is over, we gladly will welcome you back to BOERA.

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