Park County Democrats and Republicans are in the thick of primaries right now, with ballot votes being cast for state and county-level offices. Candidates who emerge victorious in the primaries will then represent their respective parties in the November election.

Park County Republicans

Several positions in the Republican party are not contested.

“David E. Kintz, Jr. for coroner, Tom McGraw for Park County sheriff, Monica Jones for assessor, Amy Flint for county treasurer, and Jack Kirby for county surveyor are all running unopposed in the Republican Primary,” Deb Elsner, Park County Republican chair said.

Ray Douglas has been serving as the county commissioner for District three, but is challenged in the Republican Primary by former Park County Assessor Dave Wissel. There have been a few debates already, and each candidate is actively campaigning.

Both Wissel and Douglas have websites also. Wissel’s website is, and Douglas’s website is

In addition, there are two candidates on the Republican primary ballot for county clerk and recorder, Trichon Eisenman and Milena “Mel” Kassel. Trichon Eisenman has a Facebook page (search “Trichon Eisenman”) and Milena Kassel’s email is

Ballots have already been mailed. Sample ballots for both the Republican and Democratic parties may be viewed on the Park County website.

  Statewide candidates are also on the ballot. A sample of the Republican primary ballot can be seen on the Park County website, by clicking on the election page and then the link  “2022 Republican Party Primary Ballot Sample.”

Park County Democrats

  “None of the positions are contested, but it’s still important to vote; the number of votes a candidate receives indicates the amount of support that candidate has,” Louise Petersen, Park County Democratic chair, said.

  The following candidates are on the Democratic ballot in Park County: Jim Stockbridge for county treasurer, Trice Hufnagel for county assessor, Evan Cuthbert for county sheriff, Ashley Girodo for county commissioner district three, Joann R. Blasberg for county clerk and recorder, and Gwendolyn Kay Morgan for county coroner.

  Both Girodo and Morgan have additional contact information listed on the Park County Democratic website, Ashley Girodo for County Commissioner District 3,, Gwendolyn Kay Morgan  for  County Coroner, or email

  There is no Democratic candidate for county surveyor.

  A sample of the Democratic primary ballot can be seen on the Park County website ( by clicking on the election page and then the link  “2022 Democratic Party Primary Ballot Sample.”

Primary Elections timeframe

  The Park County official website, lists the following as the Primary election timeframe:

  “Monday, June 6 (Locations: Park County Clerk and Recorder’s Office, 856 Castello Ave., Fairplay, and 59865 Highway 285, Bailey, and the Platte Canyon Fire Station, 153 Delwood Dr., Bailey).

Main Voter Service and Polling Center opens – Monday, June 20.

Last Day to request a ballot to be mailed – Monday, June 20 (new registrants and replacement ballots after this date must be requested in person).

Election Day – Tuesday June 28..”

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