On Monday, the Lake County Public Health Agency confirmed the first two positive cases of COVID-19 in the county.

The test results were returned from a lab where they were awaiting confirmation, Betty Benson, Lake County Public Information Officer said.

As of March 31, eight COVID-19 tests had been given in Lake County. Three came back negative and three are pending. According to Benson, test results have been taking over a week to receive.

Testing is not a widespread because the solutions and preventative measures remain the same whether someone has been tested and confirmed as having COVID-19 or is just symptomatic, Benson said.

“When testing is performed, the tested individual receives education about self-isolating for themselves and self-quarantine for their non-symptomatic close contacts,” according to a press release issued Tuesday by Saint Vincent Hospital.

The first person with a confirmed case, a 50 year old female, has not exhibited severe respiratory symptoms and has not been hospitalized. LCPHA received the test results early Monday morning, and she is recovering in her home, Benson said.

The second person, identified later Monday, is a 62 year old male resident of Lake County.

Both patients likely contracted the virus through community transmission, according to press releases issued Monday by the Lake County Public Health Agency.

LCPHA will investigate and monitor the cases, and continues to urge people to shelter in place, take extra hygiene precautions, and practice social distancing to help stem the spread of the virus.

From our sister paper the Leadville Herald at www.leadvilleherald.com

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