There are not enough COVID vaccines currently available to service all segments of Park County, and there is only one distribution site within the vast expanses of the county where vaccines can be administered.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is, according to Park County Public Health Director Lynn Ramey, that Park County Public Health has successfully administered first doses of the vaccine to nearly every member of the “Phase 1A and 1B” population in Park County, including high-risk healthcare workers, emergency responders and law enforcement.

As for shortages in vaccines and vaccine distribution sites, Ramey stated the following in written correspondence with The Flume:

“Due to the limited supply of vaccine and distribution across the state, our county has used 100 percent of the vaccines we’ve received but that hasn’t been nearly enough,” Ramey said. “We’re actively partnering with neighboring counties including Summit and Fremont Counties, and healthcare entities, such as STRIDE, Summit Community Care Clinic and Rocky Mountain Rural Health to connect eligible residents with the vaccine and improve our efforts to deploy the vaccine to all Park County residents who want it.”

Ramey continued.

“We hope to leverage partnerships like this in the future to deliver as many vaccines to Park County residents as quickly and efficiently as possible. It will take all counties, healthcare systems and regions working together so that we can prevent more illnesses and deaths from Covid-19 in America. We continue to ask everyone to wear masks and continue to practice social distancing, as both are effective ways to prevent the spread of Covid-19.”

County health authorities are urging Park County residents to remain patient, according to the written correspondence received Jan. 25.

“Everyone needs to be patient,” Ramey said. “Sign up for News Alerts at More vaccine will be available in the coming weeks and months, but it will take time.”

Ramey also added the following with regards to sign-up procedures and planned vaccine administration for those 70 and older.

“Vaccine administration to the 70 and older population is also beginning and online notification sign-up is available to the public for eligible individuals here: (or visit and click on the Interest Form).

Stay tuned to The Flume for regular updates and future stories about the ongoing distribution of COVID vaccinations to Park County residents.

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