Park County has been fortunate to have had fewer COVID-19 cases and deaths reported than most of its neighboring counties.

Currently, 42 COVID-19 cases have been reported in Park County, two of which are active, and one of which resulted in death, according to statistics updated Aug. 7 at

And during a time in which information can be conflicting and reliable facts can be difficult to ascertain, Park County residents are also fortunate to have access to updated COVID-19 information available at all times, and experienced professionals spearheading the county-wide effort to present the spread of the disease.

One such individual is Lynn Ramey, director of Park County Public Health, who recently took time to candidly discuss the virus as it pertains to Park County residents.

According to Ramey, current numbers and trends can be deceiving.

“We have had fewer cases reported since the end of July, but case reports have slowed at other times during this pandemic,” Ramey explained. “I don’t believe that this is a significant slow-down in cases but this trend continues to follow the same pattern that we have observed since March. We have had periods with an increase in numbers of cases followed by periods with fewer cases reported. Since the Governor’s statewide mask order went into effect in mid- July cases have plateaued in many areas of the state.”

According to Ramey, the most recent case identified in Park County was during the beginning of August.

When asked her thoughts as to why Park County has reported fewer COVID-19 cases than those of surrounding counties, Ramey said she believes the absence of facilities with vulnerable populations, such as senior living communities, has been a significant factor.

“Since Park County is surrounded by counties that have larger numbers of cases and outbreaks, I believe that we are fortunate to have low numbers of cases and deaths,” Ramey said. “Despite the fact that many Park County residents work and shop in the surrounding counties, our numbers remain low. A contributing factor to more cases in some of our neighboring counties is the presence of facilities with vulnerable individuals living in close proximity, such as senior living communities. If we had these types of facilities in Park County, I believe we would have many more cases.”

When asked what words of advice she would offer to Park County residents with regards to COVID-19, Ramey’s message was consistent with health experts at state and federal levels.

“Consistent and correct mask wearing, staying six feet apart, performing proper handwashing and avoiding crowds are all effective ways to slow the spread of Covid-19,” Ramey said. “It’s important to remember that by wearing a mask you will be protecting the health of someone who may be high risk and may become very ill or die from this virus.”

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