Kelly R. Kirkpatrick

They say the only certainty in life is change, and based on recent events here at The Flume, I’m inclined to believe them.

I would like to discuss those changes and keep subscribers and readers in the know so that we can move forward with business as usual as seamlessly as possible.

The changes are actually sort of sweeping in the sense that subscriptions, the distribution of newspapers, the process for placing ads and submitting editorial content have each been altered in at least some small way.

Fortunately, our editorial offerings to readers have not changed,. We are still going to provide local news coverage in every sector of Park County that readers cannot find anywhere else, and of course, we are still the official paper of record for Park County just as we have been since 1879.

We are also in the process of expanding and improving our local news coverage in a variety of ways, including a renewed commitment to the coverage of high school sports throughout Park County.

So what, exactly, has changed?

The simplest way to characterize or explain recent changes is to say that many functions previously performed by personnel in our Bailey office are now being performed by the good folks at our parent company in Salida, the Arkansas Valley Publishing Company (AVPC).

The following provides a brief synopsis of recent changes, as well as important details that readers and advertisers should know.


All matters pertaining to subscriptions used to be handled in the Flume office. Now subscriptions are handled strictly online at www.The, or by calling AVPC’s main line at 719-539-6691.

That will also serve as the go-to number for subscribers wishing to receive the paper at a new address, those needing assistance subscribing online, or those needing assistance accessing any online version of The Flume.

Editorial submissions/deadlines

In the past, prior to the recent retirement of John Rankin, obituaries, as well as items for our Community Corner or Worship Services section have been received at Now, however, all such items – and anything what so ever pertaining to editorial content – should be sent to my email at

Another change has occurred with regards to the layout of The Flume’s pages. Every Tuesday by about 2 p.m., the paper’s contents are sent to Salida where a graphic artist organizes and lays out all material to run in that week’s edition. Previously, this function occurred in-house later on Tuesday evenings.

This is primarily an internal matter, but it has prompted a change in the deadline for submitting editorial material in The Flume from Tuesdays at noon to Mondays at noon.


Advertising procedures have changed little, but new ad representative Missy Newman resides in Fairplay and can best be reached via email at However, in the case of legal notices and various other forms of advertising, readers and advertisers might be referred to our Salida office.

Distribution-Counters and racks

There have been some modifications to newspaper vending machines and counter sales locations in the Bailey and Pine areas. Effective immediately, locations for vending racks east of Kenosha Pass: Bailey Post Office, Bailey Conoco, Bailey Loaf-n-Jug and the Pine Post Office.

More newspaper racks will likely be added in these areas, and new locations will be announced when and if that occurs, but these rack and counter sales locations will be the only distribution sites on this side of Kenosha Pass for the time being. Each of the previously mentioned locations will be stocked by Fridays at noon.

Office hours/Contacts

Office hours vary each week, depending on the editor’s schedule. The office is open 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. During those times, we can also be reached by phone at The Flume’s main number, 303-838-4423.

At all other times, I can be reached at 720-665-6946 and I welcome Flume-related business calls at that number. The important thing is that you, the readers, always have a way to reach us so that we can continue to serve you as efficiently as possible.

We appreciate your readership, as well as your patience and support during this time of transition.

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