Since the night of Dec. 1, when Platte Canyon High School student Maggie Long was found dead in her family home, The Flume has been reporting that the initial 911 call came in some time after 6 p.m.

The paper has been trying to pinpoint the exact time that call came in to dispatch.

Some social media, like the community forum “My Mountain Town,” have tried composing a timeline, using various methods and comments from residents, in an attempt to discover the timing of events that night.

According to Sharon Trilk, owner of MMT, by cross-referencing various times with some other residents who were on County Road 43 after six that evening and information obtained from Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, there is some indication that the initial 911 call may have been broadcasted by Park County dispatch at 7:01 p.m.

In hopes of clearing this up, The Flume made a Colorado Open Records Act request Dec.14, to try to obtain the computer-aided dispatch log created by the Park County Sheriff’s Office during the incident.

These logs contain the text of the actual conversations between law enforcement and the communications center in Fairplay.

This request was filed with District Attorney Molly Chilson of the 11th Judicial District Court.

In an email response, Chilson said, “I received your request for dispatch recordings re the Maggie Long case. Your request is denied pursuant to Colorado Revised Statute (CRS 24-72-305(5)) as the matter is an open investigation.”

Colorado Revised Statute (CRS 24-72-305(5)) reads, “On the ground that disclosure would be contrary to the public interest, and unless otherwise provided by law, the custodian may deny access to records of investigations conducted by or of intelligence information or security procedures of any sheriff, district attorney, or police department or any criminal justice investigatory files compiled for any other law enforcement purpose.”

The Flume asked Chilson why the information in the log would be “contrary to the public interest,” and she responded;

“The general nature of the public interests to be protected are, 1) Investigative privacy and integrity; 2) Ensuring a fair trial to any person(s) apprehended and charged for any crime(s) associated with the investigation, and 3) Compliance with Rules 3.6 and 3.8 of the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct.”

It appears at this time that authorities are not going to release any information on this case. The Flume is still working on many leads in hopes to bring as much information to the residents of Park County as we can.

Kenneth Hutchinson of Bailey, in a message sent to The Flume, claims he was listening to the local fire channel that evening of Dec. 1. (which partially operates on a different radio system than law enforcement) when the fire first started, and he heard fire command request that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation be called to the scene due to it being suspected arson.

“Then a while later, maybe 30 minutes or 45 minutes, I heard fire call dispatch and request the coroner,” Hutchinson said.

“When I heard that my ears really perked up. I was really interested as to what was going on as I knew someone was deceased if they were calling for the coroner. And with potential arson in play, it sounded crazy especially for around here.”

Anyone who may have information about this case is asked to contact the Park County Sheriff’s Office at 719-836-2494.

(The information in this article was current as of Wednesday morning, Dec. 20. Since this is an on going story, updates will be posted to The Flume’s website at and the newspaper’s Facebook page at

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