The Town of Fairplay Board of Trustees held a lightly-attended, regularly scheduled meeting March 16.

The most notable news emerging from the meeting was the board’s approval of an electric vehicle charging station license agreement with Chargepoint, Inc., which will result in the installation of a charging station near the Fairplay Town Hall at 901 Main Street.

All of the construction costs associated with the installation of the charging station will be paid by Chargepoint, Inc. The board of trustees approved a 10-year term with an opt- out option after seven years.

The resolution stated that the Town of Fairplay enters the agreement in recognition of the economic and community value electric charging stations offer, as well as the value of participating in the State of Colorado’s Alt-Fuels Corridor Program.

In other news, Fairplay Police Chief Marcus Woodward briefly updated the board regarding the potential for increased traffic flow as a result of coronavirus-related restaurant closures in Summit County.

Woodward indicated that he and Park County Sheriff Tom McGraw had been in contact about the possibility of increased traffic flow, and that necessary shift changes would be made within his department to accommodate additional traffic flow should it occur.

The board also agreed to donate $100 to the to the American Legion for the annual Easter egg hunt set to occur in South Park City April 12 at noon for children up to the age of 10.

Finally, with regards to the coronavirus pandemic, Mayor Frank Just offered some common sense advice.

“We should be diligent, and mindful because we are in the midst of a serious situation and anything we can do to reduce risk is well worth our time,” Just said. “We will get through this, though .... mountain people are tough.”

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