Victor Lewis

Victor Lewis has the experience to handle all your computer needs. 

Victor Lewis, longtime resident of Park County, opened a computer repair and maintenance business in Alma this month.

Lewis, who has over 30 years of experience in the computer industry, now offers troubleshooting, diagnosis, maintenance and security consultation for anyone with a computer.

“We are your computer repair and net experts,” Lewis wrote on the company’s website, “We service computers no matter how small or big the job might be.”

Lewis continued, “A lot of people here work from home, and if they have a computer problem, they could lose a whole day of work, driving to Denver to get computer support,”  Lewis said.

Lewis offers onsite visits where he will come to the customer’s home to diagnose and repair a computer. He can also meet customers at a location, such as a restaurant or coffee shop. 

If a computer needs “inpatient” work and Lewis will work on it for a few days, he also provides loaner computers while the customer’s computer is in the shop.

Lewis can provide computer maintenance and troubleshooting through remote access, and also offers some security tips. 

“Watch out for scams, for example about taxes,” Lewis said. “Always look up the phone number, email or company and then call them back after verifying their information.” 

Lewis continued, “Malware is a malicious software that can be downloaded from an email link. Don’t click on an unknown link; instead go directly to the company’s website and download from the official website. It’s important to verify that an email is from the official institution.

Lewis’ long career in the computer industry included serving as the chief information officer for a large financial company. In another position he worked as a senior systems administrator, which included responsibility for installation and monitoring of 500 machines.

In addition to a respect and love of computers, Lewis enjoys teaching people of all ages how to use computers, and it’s no surprise that he was involved with his high school computer lab and taught computer skills at his local Boys and Girls Club.

Lewis charges a flat rate for his services and can be reached by telephone (720) 205-6686 (text or call).

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