There is much talk nationally about school safety, and has been for many years. That’s why it is especially timely news that administrators at the Fairplay school campus heve recently been notified that they will be receiving a gift of new and updated security systems from Convergint Technologies.

“Convergint is a global systems integrator that works alongside a network of partners and manufacturers to design, install, and service security, fire alarm, life safety, audio-visual, and building automation solutions,” Park County School District Re-2 (Fairplay) announced on its Facebook page. “One of the many things that makes this company so special is its annual day of service benefitting schools and nonprofits. They carefully choose to serve an organization each year to support the local communities where their colleagues live and work.“

This year, Convergint chose the Fairplay school campus, elementary, middle and high school, as the recipient of their annual giving day project. Employees and their families will be volunteering to install new security cameras and update the entire school security system. Convergint calls this school system security giving program for underserved schools, “STEP-Up to School Safety.” The STEP Up acronym stands for secure, train, educate and protect.

“Every year, Convergint Technologies conducts a STEP-Up program, and on June 10 they will be partnering with with AxisCommunications, ASR Alert Systems, Secure Connect LLP, ScanSource, and TFP Turner Fire Protection, LLC to install new cameras on our campus,” Chris Zak, administrative assistant to the superintendent and secretary to the Board of Education, said. “I just received a message saying this is the biggest project that has ever been conducted by Convergint Technologies in the nation.”

 “This gift has a value of $300,000.00 at no charge to our school,” Zak said. “This is a great report for others to hear about in such uncertain times regarding school safety.”

“Since 2018, Convergint’s STEP Up initiative has focused on bolstering safety and security in schools—from cybersecurity to fire alarm services to physical security to emergency communications,” Stephen Fisher, business development manager at Convergint said. “This year, 70 local colleagues are proud to work with the Park County RE-2 School District and donate our resources, expertise, and experience to support a safe environment for students and educators. We are proud to complete our fifth STEP Up school in Colorado.”

“Our current system automatically locks doors, but this new system will lock doors and instantly communicate with law enforcement,”  said Park County School District Re 2 Superintendent, Cindy Bear.  

“We have an emergency operations plan which includes lots of information,” Bear said. “We recently hired, over a year ago, our own safety and security coordinator who is a district employee. This employee is a former law enforcement officer and has a great relationship with the Park County Sheriff’s Office.”

 Bear continued.

“Any time an event happens, it impacts people and raises our level of fear and concern. I want our community and families to be assured that we are doing everything we can, first and foremost on our minds is the safety of our kids. This is a huge step making sure everyone is prepared.”

What would often take a month to complete, the Convergint team of volunteers will complete in one day, June 10, beginning at 7:30 a.m. and with the final walk-through scheduled for 2 or 3 p.m. the same day.

“From a law enforcement standpoint we are thrilled that the school has been able to obtain a security system such as this one, it will allow us to have faster response times, which would possibly prevent a potentially violent situation,” Sheriff Tom McGraw said.

About Convergint’s STEP Up for Schools


Established in 2018, Convergint’s STEP Up for Schools initiative was designed to help strengthen school security, Caroline Smith, associate for ICR Strategic Communications and Advisory said. “Working with underserved schools in communities around the world, Convergint provides free interior and exterior security system installations, upgrades, and assessments. To date, 55 schools have received security donations from Convergint through this program. Learn more here:

 “The safety of our country’s children when heading off to school each morning is of deep concern to our colleagues at Convergint,” Tony Varco, Vice President of Security for Convergint, wrote on the CT website. “Enhancing school security can provide a vital level of protection for students, faculty, and visitors. In that spirit, we have created our STEP Up initiative to help strengthen security in our schools.”Varco continued.

“As part of this program, Convergint has worked with schools around the world to provide free interior and exterior security systems installations, security upgrades, and security assessments.”

About Convergint Social Responsibility Day:

“Originally launched in 2002, Convergint Social Responsibility Day allows Convergint colleagues around the world to give back to their local communities, supporting the company’s ongoing commitment to service and support,” Smith said. “Convergint colleagues will have off on June 10 to fully immerse themselves in local volunteer efforts, including initiatives to support environmental cleanup, volunteering at local schools, food banks and other charitable initiatives.”

School safety checklist and more information

More information about Convergint Technologies can be found on their website, A couple resources for schools on the CT website include a school safety checklist that can be downloaded as well as a PASS (Partner Alliance for Safer Schools) audit. Additionally, there is a link for information about how to apply for this program.

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