Perron’s mom, “Charlie

Authorities are currently looking for a man believed to be William Perron in preparation for an upcoming trial related to a double homicide that occurred in 1982. Perron’s mom, “Charlie,” is seen sitting alongside the man playing a brass horn in the above photo. Authorities are hoping to find anyone who has information about the current whereabouts of either “Charlie” or her son.

Jan. 6 marks the 40-year anniversary of a highly-publicized double-homicide which claimed the lives of Bobbie Joe Oberholtzer of Alma, and Annette Kay Schnee of Breckenridge.

Over time, the case developed into one of Colorado’s most perplexing and widely-publicized cold cases, and no arrests were made in connection to the case until 2021.

As was reported by The Flume March 5, 2021, an arrest was finally made in that case Feb. 24, 2021. Alan Lee Phillips, a 71-year-old resident of Dumont, Colo., is currently in custody awaiting trial on charges of First Degree Homicide (Class 1 felony), First Degree Kidnapping (Class 1 Felony) and First Degree Assault (Class 3 Felony)..

As part of its preparation for Phillip’s impending trial, for which a date has not yet been set, authorities are hoping to determine the whereabouts of a man who discovered  and delivered a vital piece of physical evidence to sheriff’s deputies just a couple of days after the incident occurred. The evidence was recovered at the summit of Hoosier Pass, about 100 yards from where the body of Oberholtzer was found.

The person who recovered the evidence was a young boy around the age of 10-14 at the time. The boy identified himself as William Perron, and he would now be between 50-60 years-old.  

In the photo

In 1982, Perron and his younger brother, known as “Stoney,” lived with their mother in a cabin in the Flannigan Circle area of Alma.  The mother, who was known to all as “Charlie,” is the woman in the photograph.

Accompanying “Charlie” in the photo is a man who has been identified and interviewed.  The photo was probably taken in the early 1980s, during the annual Burro Days celebration in Fairplay.

It is believed that the father of the two boys (William and “Stoney”) lived in Colorado Springs at the time. He went by the nickname “Sundown.”  

It is believed “Charlie” might have earned a living by baby sitting and/or cleaning condos in Breckenridge. She probably did not own a car. “Charlie” might have also lived with a man known only as “RIFF.”  

Those with information regarding the current location of “Charlie” or Perron are asked to call Detective Charlie Mc Cormick at 970-453-6378, or email email Park County District Attorney Investigator, Greg Kimsey at

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