Teddy bear and toy dog

A teddy bear and a toy dog sit in a front window of the Carpenter home at 544 Second St. Pat Carpenter said the toys were given to her father by nurses when he was in hospice and they are very special to her. She put them in the window for the teddy bear scavenger hunt at the suggestion of her daughter.

Teddy bears are generally seen as a source of comfort for kids of all ages.

Recently some teddy bears and other stuffed animals have been appearing in local windows as part of a “teddy bear scavenger hunt” that has started to take off in the area.

Andrea McClellan of Poncha Springs got the idea from a story about a town in New Jersey that was putting teddy bears in windows to give families something fun to look for when out taking walks or running errands while social distancing during COVID-19 restrictions.

The idea is simple: Put a teddy bear (or other stuffed animal) in a window that faces the street so kids can find and “scavenge” them.

Some people in other communities have gotten creative, moving the bear from one place to another, disguising the toy to make finding it more challenging or dressing it up in costumes.

Several homes in Salida, Poncha Springs and Buena Vista are already participating.

McClellan said she started spreading the word on the Ark Valley Mountain Mamas Facebook page.

It adds a fun aspect to walks or car runs when kids aren’t able to otherwise interact with anybody, she said.

From our sister paper The Mountain Mail at www.themountainmail.com

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