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We appreciate your opinions and welcome your submissions to The Flume. We are seeing an increase in the number of opinion page submissions each week, and we are pleased with that development. It is our desire to print all of the submissions we receive. Please refer to “Guidelines for letters…

Bailey, Colo. – A unique opportunity for local residents to grow their own food is coming this summer to the town of Bailey. Those interested may now sign up for a free community garden plot for themselves and their whole family to enjoy.

Libraries of our childhood were great places to find and check out books that informed, inspired, and entertained. This is true today, with so many more resources available than ever before. Your free library card provides access to amazing low-cost or no-cost services, materials and programs.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife received 4,943 bear reports in 2020 and 1,661 (33.6 percent) had trash documented. Trash is not the only problem leading to human-bear conflicts. Bird feeders (411 reports), unsecured chicken coops (254) and livestock (391), among others, are all pieces of the puz…


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