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One of Colorado’s most perplexing cold-cases has finally resulted in the arrest of Alan Lee Phillips for the Jan. 6, 1982 murders of Annette Kay Schnee of Breckenridge and Bobbi Jo Oberholtzer of Alma. Schnee was 21 years old, and Oberholtzer was 29.

Both victims were shot and their bodies were later discovered in Park County. Oberholtzer’s body was found one day after the murder near the parking lot atop Hoosier Pass, and Schnee’s body was found about six months after the murder in Sacramento Creek about 12 miles south of Alma. Read more

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Steve and Michelle Allard, owners of Puma Hills River Ranch, received a Land and Water Trust Fund grant Feb. 23 to replace their damaged water diversion structure and restore a portion of Tarryall Creek on the ranch.

It’s cold in Park County, evidenced by reports that make the national news of record lows at Antero Reservoir and the piles of wood that residents begin to assemble at the end of July each year.

    In the Feb. 26 edition of The Flume, a headline on the cover page read “Short term rental fee set at $650.” The correct amount, $605, was stated in the story.

    Although not among the first Currant Creek homesteaders, William D. Crampton is distinguished as being one of two people known to be murdered along the creek.

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