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Marvin Sandoval and his trusty burro named Buttercup have spent the last five years taking it to the competition on the World Championship Pack Burro Race circuit. 

The dynamic duo continued that trend in dominating fashion Sunday by covering 28 grueling miles round-trip up Mesquito Pass and back in five hours, 43 minutes and 13 seconds. Read more

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The Cripple Creek and Gold Camp area residents celebrated the Fourth of July with a tremendous community spirit. American Legion Post 171 of Victor and Cripple  Creek wish to thank Keith McKim for explaining the meaning behind the “Star Spangled Banner” and encouraging us to sing it.  

    Becky Bunnell, a cancer survivor from Atlanta, GA, received a stirring and emotional reception at the finish line for Sunday’s Short Race. 

      Bailey resident Ann Walker, with assistance from Tina Palomino, tries on a sweater from Fine Alpaca Apparel. The bracelet tree from Jewelry With a Purpose drew the attention and admiration of shoppers Sunday at 2022 Burro Days. 

        Burros and runners made their way over hill and dale Sunday, with mostly cloudy skies above. (Photos by Kelly Kirkpatrick/The Flume)

        Mining zoned land containing three lots, a 10-acre, a 35-acre and a 40.3-acre, was rezoned to residential with no conditions July 26.


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        Platte Canyon High School track team competed in the 2A state track meet. It was scheduled for May 19, 20 and 21. Due to a snowstorm in Denver, Friday’s was moved to Saturday and the final day was Sunday May 22. For the running events there were preliminaries. The athlete had to finish in th…

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