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It’s not just mindless turkey-talk to suggest that Thanksgiving is even more meaningful, and that the holiday takes on even greater significance, amid the backdrop of challenging circumstances or trying times.

If we accept that axiom, then Thanksgiving 2020 should be far more meaningful and carry much more significance than most. After all, no matter how we slice this turkey, 2020 has served up heaping portions of adversity and has provided a perfect recipe for civil and political unrest almost from the start. Read more

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Park County is an attractive place to raise a family. Many young families move to Park County for the small town and rural atmosphere while still being in close proximity to the zoo, museums, recreational centers and all the city has to offer.

Finally: When the Senate Republicans called for a special session on July 28 to address COVID-19’s impact on schools, students and their parents, it was called a “political stunt to try to score cheap points.” Now that we’re knee-deep in the what we saw coming, “extraordinary action is requi…

At 77 years old, Captain William Bainbridge White moved to Canon City in 1890 and possibly lived with his son Henry, who moved there in 1884 with his family. Next door to the east lived wealthy Canon City pioneer David Robinson. White’s son-in-law James B. Morford lived to the west. Morford …

The art of photography is when instead of merely capturing a realistic rendition of the subject, the photographer is aiming to produce a more personal – typically more evocative or atmospheric –impression. One might simplify, by saying that fine art photography describes any image taken by a…

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas and the Tri-Fire Toy Drive is underway. Lake George, Four-Mile and Florissant have joined together to gather toys for those in need in their communities.


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