Platte Canyon High School baseball team faced KIPP Denver Collegiate Thursday, April 18. The Huskies won 7-6.

Huskies versus Tigers

First inning

The Tigers scored four runs in the top of the first. Hunter Hewitt struck out one batter. Josh Rummelhart walked and went to second on a steal. He was then out trying to go to third. Jacob Despain walked. Despain was out at second and Hewitt reached on a fielders choice. The Tigers led 4-0 after the first inning.

Second inning

 The Tigers were held in the top of the second. Hewitt struck out one more batter. A walk by Chantz Mattson was all the Huskies could do. The Tigers led 4-0 after two innings.

Third inning

The Tigers were held in the top of the third. Hewitt struck out two batters. Rummelhart singled. He went to second and then third on steals. Despain walked and went to second on a steal. Brandon Patterson tripled. Rummelhart and Despain scored. Dominic Schubert grounded out and Patterson scored. It was 4-3 after three innings.

Fourth inning

The Tigers scored two in the top of the fourth. Mattson and Lily McFarren walked. With two outs, Despain walked to load the bases. Hewitt doubled. Mattson and McFarren scored. The Huskies were back to within one at 6-5 after four innings.

Fifth inning

Hewitt struck out two more in the top of the fifth. The score remained 6-5 after five innings.

Sixth inning

Patterson came in to pitch. He struck out two batters. Despain walked and went to second on an error by the first baseman. Hewitt singled and Despain went to third. Patterson walked and the bases were loaded. Dominic Schubert grounded out and Despain scored. Wade Nelson singled and Hewitt scored. The Huskies led 7-6 after six innings. Patterson struck out two batters in the top of the seventh and the Huskies won 7-6.

“It was not pretty at times, but we will take them anyway we can get them,” Coach Kelly Kirkpatrick said.

“I was very pleased with Hunter Hewitt and Brandon Patterson on the mound. Both of them threw a lot of strikes and forced the other team to earn everything they got. I was also happy to see some of our younger players contribute. Hopefully we can build  on today’s effort and continue to get better as the season goes along.”

“After a few rough patches the team has gone through, I’m very proud to see the team keep working,” Brandon Patterson said. “New guys stepped up to the plate and because of those guys, we were able to score one more run to put us on top. There is nowhere else I would rather be than with this team on the diamond, no place in the world.”

The Huskies were at home against Byers in a non-league game Tuesday, April 23. They were at Highland for another non-league game Thursday, April 25. The Huskies will be  back to league play, Saturday, April 27. They will be in Granby to face Middle Park and Bruce Randolph.

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