Platte Canyon High School baseball team played four games in four days. It started with Denver School of Science and Technology Grizzlies Wednesday, May 1 and lost 18-1. Thursday, May 2, they were at Jefferson Saints. Friday, May 3, they went back to Lyons to finish the game from April 8 against the Lions. The Huskies finished the regular season at home against Bennett Tigers and lost 24-1.

Huskies versus Grizzles

The Grizzlies scored three in the top of the first. Brandon Patterson’s walk with the bases loaded scored Josh Rummelhart and it was 3-1 after one inning. The Grizzlies put five on the scoreboard and kept the Huskies in check. They led 8-1 after two innings.

Five more runs in the top of the third made it 13-1. Allen Hardey got the first hit for the Huskies, but they were held and trailed 13-1 after three innings. The Grizzles scored four more in the top of the third and then held the Huskies. The game was called due to the 15-run mercy rule.

Huskies versus Saints

Josh Rummelhart walked. He went to second on a steal and to third on a passed ball. Rummelhart gave the Huskies a 1-0 lead when he scored on an error. The Saints came back with seven in the bottom of the first to go ahead 7-1.

The second inning was scoreless. Patterson struck out two batters. The Huskies were held in the top of the third. The Saints scored three in the bottom of the third to lead 10-1 after three innings. The Huskies were held again. The Saints added one more to make it 11-1.

 The Huskies were held in the top of the fifth. The game was called due to the ten-run mercy rule.

Huskies versus Lions

The Huskies scored five runs in the top of the first. The Lions scored one run in the bottom of the first. The Huskies were held in the top of the second. The Lions scored nine runs in the bottom of the second and led 10-5 after two innings. The Lions scored eight more in the bottom of the third and led 18-5 after three innings.

In the top of the fourth, Austin Hart doubled and went to third on a steal. Hart scored when they tried to pick Hart off third. The ball went down the third base line and Hart scored. The Huskies scored one more. The Lions scored five in the bottom of the fourth to make the final 23-7.

 “Said it before, but the way to win baseball games is by throwing strikes, making routine plays and putting the ball in play offensively,” Coach Kirkpatrick said.

“None of the three games we played this week did we master those objectives. We have an exceptional young team and very inexperienced, and we will continue to work hard to improve all facets of our game. The kids have kept working and trying hard, but we have been a little over-matched down the stretch.”

Huskies versus Tigers

The Tigers scored three runs in the top of the first. A single by Elijah Giles and walk by Patterson was all the Huskies could do. The Tigers led 3-0 after the first inning. They scored eight in the top of the second and held the Huskies in the bottom of the second.

The Tigers led 11-0 after two innings. Eight more by the Tigers gave them 19 runs. A single by Hart put the Huskies on the board. It was 19-1 after three innings. The Tigers added insult to injury to the Huskies’ morals, scoring five more runs. The Tigers won 24-1.

Hart and Giles had a single apiece. Hart had one RBI. Hardey struck out three batters. Patterson and Hart struck out one apiece.

 “The score doesn’t reflect a team’s effort and I thought that was the case against Bennett,” Kirkpatrick said.

“Allen Hardey the game on the mound and hung in as long as he possibly could have and pitching very well under the circumstances. Allen has been incredibly productive this year for a freshman and has a bright future as anyone on the team. Allen has also shown great leadership skills and was named a captain on the team, which is extremely unusual for a freshman. Some other younger players like Wade Nelson and Elijah Giles also have shown a lot of grit in the game, but were inactive Saturday.”

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