Tonight, I write this letter to recognize and thank Judge Stephen Groome for his findings in the water augmentation case between Indian Mountain Corp and the Indian Mountain Metropolitan District. It restores my faith in the legal system because these late-comers were not able to disrupt the status quo and claim compensation for something that has been taken for granted by each and every lot owner since the day they closed the deal for their property in the Indian Mountain Subdivision.

It is not the IMMD property owners fault that IMC made a misinformed decision to purchase the reservoir of water that was designated for use only as augmentation for water wells permitted by the State Water Resources Division #1, for the past forty years and on into the future, in the Indian Mountain Subdivision.

Now the lot owners will not have the worry of facing the threatened loss of their very life’s blood again and will be able to relax knowing that their water is safe, for their use only.

What is that I hear echoing from the hills around me tonight? It sounds like a huge collective sigh of relief, to me.


Amanda Woodbury


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