As of this writing, the U.S. Senate has been locked in the hard work of putting together an aid package to come to the support of those Americans suffering the economic impacts of the Chinese Virus outbreak.

Springing into action, Democrat Senators have offered extraordinary amendments to help out. These amendments include: a tax credit for solar and wind energy, abortion funding, changes in airline fuel emissions standards, enhanced union contract negotiation rules, and items from the New Green Deal.

How does that help? It doesn’t. The Republican version offers payments directly into your bank account as quickly as two to three weeks after passage, free virus testing, tax holiday or even credits. I think the more appropriate aspects are pretty obvious.

In the past, blackmail amendments have been added to emergency aid bills and given to an unwilling President to sign with the hope of forcing a signature that can then be politically weaponized. The Senate should be looking at a clean bill that directly addresses the issues at hand.

Please contact your elected Federal representatives and let them know what you think of their behavior.

Senator Bennet and Representative Joe Neguse likely did not personally propose the amendments, but it is up to them, in representing Colorado, to step up and stand against this abuse. Even if a final bill is passed and sent to the President, they should know how you feel.

Greg Trouth


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